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   Chapter 139 A Big Storm Was Coming Soon

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4239

Updated: 2020-05-06 00:14

Rita didn't go home. She turned on her phone and saw Nina's calling.

She didn't want to answer it. She was very upset. She really didn't know what to do. She really didn't know where she could go now.

Frank located the position where Rita was. It was in a hotel. He and Nina waited in the hotel lobby for a long time. Frank was asking the Front desk about the room number that Pitt had booked. Just at this time, Rita came down.

"Riri!" Nina had been worried about her for a whole night. She walked up to Rita and held her cold hands. "Riri, you scared me to death. Are you okay?"

How could she be okay?

Not knowing where she got the strength, Rita shook off Nina's hand.

Noticing that Rita had come down, Frank hurriedly walked up to Nina and held her hand, afraid that she would keep asking something. "It's fine that you're here. We will drive you back first."

But he knew that something must happen last time to Rita from her face.

Frank did not dare to imagine more, so he said in pale expression, "Let's go back first."

Rita lowered her head and shook it stubbornly. "I won't go back. You two should leave first. Just leave me alone."

"How can we leave you alone?" Nina stepped forward and was about to grab Rita, but was dodged by her.

, don't go to find her by yourself, okay? She must be in a mess now and she must be unwilling to see you."

An idea came to Frank. "Remember, keep this a low profile. Don't make a scene!" Frank said to Nina seriously! "Don't make it big! You know the Leng family, and the relationship between Aaron and his brother. If things get worse, it will definitely be a fatal injury to Aaron."

If Scott knew that Aaron's wife cheated on him, he would definitely make a fuss about it. At that time, he must be extremely content about this. During these days, Aaron had been in the vicious circle that things kept unfavorable to him. If it weren't for his powerful skills, Scott would have make him in danger now.

Nina nodded thoughtfully. "I know. Don't worry. I won't tell others."

Frank frowned. He was sure that a big storm was coming soon.

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