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   Chapter 137 Exciting Photos

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"What do you mean?" After hearing Cary's plan, Pitt was getting annoyed immediately. You asked me not to touch her?"

"Yeah, exactly. You cannot touch her."

"Damn it! Is she the queen or princess? Too noble to touch?"

Cary frowned in confusion. This guy didn't even know whom he was taking away. Was he not afraid of getting himself in trouble? "You really don't know her?"

"A girl with Nina must be a little-known actress, or a mistress kept by some big boss?"

Cary sighed, "Bro, if you die, you really don't know why."

"Who the hell is she? Tell me quickly!"

"She is the wife of Aaron Leng. Do you dare to touch her?"

It suddenly occurred to Pitt what the woman had said to him in the bar. He had mocked her at that time. There was no possibility for Aaron to have a crush on her, he thought. Who did she think she was?

He didn't expect that she was really Aaron Leng's woman!

What an explosive news!

A cold sweat broke out on his back. Pitt looked at the woman on the bed. She had been passed out by his drug. She might not be able to tell where she was now.

He didn't expect that this woman was just a little beautiful and was no different from an ordinary model. How could she be Aaron Leng's woman? He could believe it!

"Really?" He couldn't believe it at all.

"If you don't believe me, just check it online."

Now that Cary said so, it must be true. She was really Aaron Leng's wife!

Pitt was so scared that his legs went limp and he couldn't move. Now he was in big trouble!

If Aaron Leng knew it, he would kill him!

Seeing that his bro didn't say anything, Cary quickly said, "Is everything clear? Now I'm telling you the truth. You just follow what I told you. Otherwise, I'll tell Aaron Leng that you took away his wife."

"You are threatening me!" Pitt finally knew what Cary meant. T

for being not too vigilant. What should she do now? Did she completely betray Aaron?

Her scalp tingled. She grabbed her hair and twisted her hands in pain. "What do you want?"

"I don't want anything," said Pitt, trying to touch her face, but Rita dodged away. "Hey, why are you pulling a long face? We were both very satisfied last night. Why don't you give me your phone number? I will call you again!"

"Fuck off!" Rita lifted her foot and kicked him in the lower part of his body, which happened to hit the sensitive part of his body. The pain made him cry. Rita took the phone and wanted to delete the photos, but she failed and Pitt snatched the phone back.

"It's useless. I have a backup."

"What the hell do you want?" Rita stared at the man in front of her and wanted to tear him into pieces alive. "Make it clear. What do you want?"

After squatting on the ground for a while, Pitt raised his head impatiently and shouted at Rita, "Okay I will tell you. If you don't listen to me, I'll post these photos on the Internet. I know who you are. You are Aaron Leng's wife, huh?"

Rita felt guilty and stared at him with tearing eyes.

Was this man trying to blackmail her? Or did he have other intentions?

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