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   Chapter 132 To See Handsome Men Is Not Breaking The Law

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6459

Updated: 2020-05-04 00:04

After hanging up the phone, Aaron thought that if his little woman wanted to think it over, he could only have to give her time to think it over. Anyway, he would not let Rita leave him. But he did not expect Rita to be so sensitive, and he did not expect that her parents would change their attitude towards him.

Luckily, they had plenty of time. He would give her time to think it over. What he was quite sure was that he would definitely not change his attitude towards her. She was still the most important person in his life.

As long as she was safe, he was relieved.

During the few days, Rita asked Nina out to have a meeting. As her best friend, Nina knew what had happened recently even she did not wait Rita to tell her the truth. Mr. Aaron had an illegitimate child. This was the top news of the city. How could Nina not know about such a big matter? She was just worried that her best friend could not bear it.

In the cafe, Nina hesitated for a long time before she said, "Riri, what happened to Mr. Aaron? What are you two going to do? It was really a big deal this time. Was that woman his ex-girlfriend? Does he want the baby or not?"

Nina's series of questions confused Rita. Before she could answer, Nina continued, "Riri, I think you two really have a lot of problems together!"

Yeah, it was the worst two months but the happiest two months that she had ever had since she got married to Aaron. They loved each other very much, but there were too many dangers behind their intimate relationship. She did not doubt her love for Aaron even facing so many dangers, but she was upset that Aaron had never been able to understand her.

Aaron could solve all the problems, but she was not sure that whether he could feel and understand her fear, her cowardice and timidity, her meticulousness, her way of seek common points while reserving difference.

Rita thought that he did not try his best to get to

r life and was inclined to short relationship. Sure enough, no man could make her stop her single life to become a wife. Frank held the same life style and concept with her. Maybe these two people would have a chance to build a longer relationship with each other.

"Are you going or not? There will be numerous handsome men there." Nina raised her eyebrows at Rita.

"Alright." Seeing that Nina was so enthusiastic, she had to agree.

"Look, you are such a realistic person. You agreed to go with me as soon as I tell you that there will be handsome men there," said Nina. "Your husband is so handsome!"

"Hey, hey, I will just take a look at those handsome men. I don't sleep with them. Is it illegal to just look at handsome men?"

Rita pouted and continued, as if she was convincing herself, "I also need to relax."

"Yeah, that's right. That's my girl! Who said only men can go out to flirt with women? We also can look at handsome men or go out for fun. Riri, you should go out with me more often. Don't just stay around your husband all day long."

Nina kept telling Rita more about advantages by hanging out with handsome men, but she didn't expect that Cary would be at the party Nina took her to at night.

There was going to be a big show remaining to display.

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