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   Chapter 130 We Want You To Divorce With Aaron

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After Wendy left, Rita came out of her room. Jack was worried about his daughter very much. Did she get bullied again? Was that the reason she came back?

"Riri, what's going on?" Jack couldn't sit still any longer. He walked up to his daughter and asked, "Are you hiding something from us?"

"No, I'm not.

Nothing happened between me and him." Rita lowered her head and murmured.

Jack frowned more tightly and his face became more and more gloomy. "Nothing happened? You lied to me again! Why did you suddenly come back? Aaron's senior assistant came to find you. How could it be possible that nothing happened? Tell me what happened between you and Aaron?"

"Nothing happened between us." Rita shook her head and bit her lips, refusing to admit it.

Grace pulled Rita to her side and said, "Riri, your dad and I are doing this for your own good. We know the situation of the Leng family. Both your father and I are afraid that the Su family will bully you again. If Aaron can't protect you, you will be in great danger."

Rita knew that her parents were worried about her, so she decided not to tell them the truth.

Grace pulled Rita to sit down and said, "Riri, to tell you the truth, your dad and I both don't think Aaron is suitable for you. We really feel upset when you marry into his family after all these happened. Look at you. You have only been married for less than two months, but you have been tortured, tied, blackmailed, and now some illegitimate baby jumped out. We can't sleep or eat well. We've been worried about you."

Rita knew that her parents' concerns about her, so she didn't want to tell them many truths. Grace sighed, "Riri, tell us the truth. Are


Grace's question made her think over and over again, 'Is it really appropriate for me to stay with Aaron?' There was a huge gap between her and Aaron. She had tried her best to get close to him, but his family did not accept her, and they would never do. That was a fact. And everyone looked down on her, and everyone thought that she did not deserve him. In others' eyes, she tried her best to claim ties of kinship with Aaron of a higher social position, and be greedy for the money of the Leng family.

She was so tired when she was with him. She was exhausted. She tried her best to catch up with him, but she couldn't make it at all.

Rita felt very aggrieved. Was she really going to get a divorce? Was there no way to solve the problem?

"Riri," Grace held her hand and continued, "dad and I just hope that you can divorce him and don't fall for him anymore. There is still a long way to go in the future. We just need you to live a relaxed and happy life. Even if we don't have money, it doesn't matter. I hope you could cheer up."

Rita nodded and answered seriously, "I will think about it, divorce."

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