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   Chapter 125 It Was Horrible When A Man Had A Sperm Brain

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5367

Updated: 2020-05-01 00:25

Rita couldn't bear the body pressure. She tried hard and pushed Aaron.

"You are so heavy. It's time for you to lose weight."

Aaron said, not happy. "Oh, I press you to death. Do I need to lose weight? Look at my body! Are you kidding me?"

It seemed that Aaron was quite confident with his body. But to be honest, Rita had never seen a man with a perfect body as Aaron. He was doing regular exercises and he had sexy eight-pack abs. A man like him was really self-discipline!

"I'm really pressed to death by you."

"Are you dying? Then why you still keep talking?"

"I'm really risking my life to marry you," Rita said. "I was either beaten to death by others or pressed to death by you. What have I done during my previous existence?"

Aaron patted her on the forehead and said, "Nonsense! What is it in your head?"

With a long face, Aaron sat up from her body. "Rita, I'm talking to you very seriously. You are not allowed to mention death again in front of me. You are with me. How can I let you be in danger again? Let alone death."

"Well, I only got hurt because I am with you. Before I met you, nothing happened in my life." Rita murmured in a very low voice that she thought Aaron might not hear it clearly.

But Aaron's face became even worse. Did she really need to speak the truth?

However, it was reasonable for her to think this way. Since they got married, Rita had never had a good peaceful day. He really needed to rethink if it was his problem. Was he who brought the hurt to her when he decided to be with Rita?

Seeing him keep silent for a long time, Rita poke

r ten months' pregnancy.

She did believe Aaron's grim character for not cheating on her.

However, it was hard for her to believe that what kind of person he was going to be when he endured for almost one year. Was he going to make her unable to get out of bed after her giving the birth of the baby?

Whoop, whoop! Rita really did not know whether to laugh or to cry when she had a strong husband like Aaron.

As what Aaron said, something happened to the Su family before long.

The stock of the Su family kept falling all the way. Someone had bought off the stock from the Su family with a high price, and the Su family's several cooperative projects were all suspended. A thorough investigation showed that the man behind the scene was Aaron.

It seemed that Aaron did not intend to hide. He preferred do it directly.

The Su family members were pissed off, and the young people were anxious about this. And Selena was sent to hospital because of sick by anger. The means of Aaron were too strong, like a storm, which caught the Su family unprepared.

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