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   Chapter 123 The Su Family Members Got All Mad

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6028

Updated: 2020-05-01 00:05

Before Wendy could find out the truth about the baby, the people of the Su family could no longer wait.

Nora and Cary had a quarrel again. Nora was almost mad and tried to shift all the blame onto Cary.

Looking at his younger brother and sister, Marvin said helplessly, "You two should have foreseen the consequences before. This matter is not as simple as you think. Aaron is not as easy to deal with as you think. If he finds out the truth and knows that Kaley's baby is not his child, what will he do? Have you ever thought about it?"

Nora clenched her teeth. Since things had come to this point, she couldn't just flinch. She had to finish this play, but she didn't expect that her several moves failed to work. No matter what happened Aaron chose to protect Rita. It was too surprising!

She bit her lip. "I must kill Rita this time. I must let her be kicked out by Aaron!"

Cary felt tired and bored. "The last way, I'll ask someone to rape Rita. I don't believe that Aaron still wants her if she gets raped. If Aaron still choose to be with her after she gets raped, I'll have nothing to say. I'll be totally defeated."

Nora said, "First of all, we have to muddle through this matter first. Now the whole world knows that Aaron made another woman pregnant with his baby. I don't think the Leng family could ignore this. Don't forget! Aaron has another deadly foe."

Cary raised his brow. "You mean Scott?"

When it came to Scott, Marvin was the one who felt the most uncomfortable.

"What do you want?" Marvin asked, turning his face away.

Nora said with a smile, "Don't forget Scott and Aaron dislike each other. In order to deal with Aaron, Scott has plentiful of ways. This time he must know that Aaron has an illegitimate child outside, and he will not stay calm."


care about her son's reputation.

Touching his lips, Cary felt curious about why this Rita could make his aunt being so crazy and also the whole Su family. What on earth was her magic?

Nora was so excited and she clapped her hands. "Well, well, well. Now the whole world knows that Rita is a bitch. Being beaten like this in public by her mother-in-law, there is only one reason—her bad character! If not, why did her mother-in-law treat her like this?"

As Cary slid his cursor to see the information down the page, he added, "There are many comments below. All of them say that it must be because of Rita. They all say that Rita does not respect her mother-in-law at present, that she can't bear the existence of the baby all the time. Some even say that Rita is seducing her father-in-law. They all kinds of comments. Some people who stand out to defend for Rita are all argued by other online users."

Cary liked to see the negative comments about Rita and thought it was amazing that the news of the Leng family came one after another.

Nora felt pleased. "Auntie did so well. She gave a lesson to that bitch herself. Rita must feel shamed and she could never show her face out again."

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