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   Chapter 117 . The Most Shrewish Woman In The World

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5862

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These few words of Kaley made Rita's parents unable to beat back. Jack was trembling with anger, and he said to her seriously, "Please go out! You are not welcomed here!"

"I'm not coming here for your welcome," said Kaley with a frown. Her attitude got more and more arrogant. "Is it fun for Rita to occupy the position as Mrs. Aaron? She should be shamed for herself. I'm telling you. The baby in my belly is a boy! He will be the eldest grandson of the Leng family, and also the heir. What does Rita have to compete with me? If she is fine, ask her to bear a child for the Leng family! But look at her. Nothing is happening. If I were you, I would have persuaded Rita to divorce earlier. If so, she wouldn't make a fool of herself in the Leng family."

Kaley smiled in an arrogant manner. "You know clearly how much Aaron's mother hates her. Because of her, the relationship between Mr. Aaron and the Su family has become so notoriously bad. The Su family members hate Rita so much. So you don't think Rita is living a happy life right now, do you?"

Grace was so angry that she stared at the arrogant woman. "I don't think you have the right to judge the relationship between my Riri and Aaron and also their life! You are just a mistress. How could you be so arrogant? What qualifications do you have to talk about my Riri?"

"What is my qualification? I have been stayed beside Mr. Aaron for so many years and I know him very well." Kaley stood up and shouted to them, "When I slept with Mr. Aaron, your Riri was just at somewhere to play with her toys, I bet."

Grace was so angry that she pointed at Kaley with quivering hands. "You... you are shameless!"

"Why don't you call Aaron over here? We can confront him face to face about this.

icked up a fuss. She yelled, "How dare you beat me? Do you know I'm pregnant with the baby of Aaron! How dare you beat me! How dare you hit my belly!"

"You, you..." Grace's face turned red and was too angry to say a word. Fortunately, she did not have heart disease, otherwise she would have been so angry as to suffer from heart disease.

"What?" Kaley walked to the front of Grace. "Your daughter is a bitch! Am I saying wrong?"

Grace couldn't bear it anymore so she slapped Kaley again.

At this moment, Rita opened the door and happened to see this scene.

As soon as Grace's hand landed on her face, Kaley fell to the ground. She had been waited for this since her first step into the Gu family. She quietly helped herself to lean on the sofa. Seeing that Aaron also came in, she immediately covered her stomach and cried her heart out. She immediately began acting, "Oh... I've told you that I won't be with Aaron anymore. I won't break their marriage. Why don't you accept my baby?"

When Jack and Grace heard this, their eyes were wide open. This woman's attitude... It was really like a U-turn!

They couldn't even believe their ears and eyes.

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