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   Chapter 95 I Only Want To Sleep With You

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5724

Updated: 2020-04-21 00:25

Rita almost wanted to blow up her anger, but she knew that it was no good for her to lose her temper right now.

She stared at Nora, not angry but laughing, "I have a good husband, Aaron. Why would I Seduce Magee? How can Magee compare with my husband? And I'm not stupid enough to sleep with him at his engagement ceremony. If I want to sleep with him, I'll just ask him out. Why would I have to make it such a big mess that everyone knows about it? Am I a fool?"

"You were deliberately provoking me!" Nora shouted at her. "You knew I was engaged to Magee, and you came to ruin my engagement ceremony on purpose!"

"I'm sorry, Miss Nora. You are not qualified enough for me to provoke you." Rita sneered. She really didn't want to quarrel with Nora like this anymore.

She looked at neither Nora and Magee, and muttered, "Are you two all crazy?"

"Watch your mouth!" Nora shouted back. "You are crazy!"

Aaron didn't want to see them continue to quarrel, so he said calmly, "All right, we will be right there if you insist to sue Riri. Don't make a fuss in my company."

Aaron asked the bodyguards came in and said coldly, "Send them out!"

But Selena was not pleased with his reaction. She walked to the side of Aaron and sneered, "You still believe in that bitch until now!"

"She is your daughter-in-law and my wife. Watch your mouth, please." Aaron became more and more impatient. Of course he did not want to hear the ill words from others about his wife.

Well, the hero who always protected his wife was popping up online.

"What daughter-in-law? This kind of daughter-in-law is not admitted by our Leng family!" As the mother of Aaron, Selena thought she had the authority to interfere

words about Magee. "All right, all right. All right. He is a villain! He is a hypocrite! Whatever you say, he is a bad guy!"

Aaron kissed her on the cheek and said, "I'll not interrupt you again. Go on with your analysis."

"I really think that Nora has something on Magee. I sensed his struggle. As far as I know about him, he really didn't dare to face me just now. He was hesitant for a while."

Rita looked seriously at the ice-old man and added, "I'm serious."

"I'll send someone to check it out to see what exactly happened to Magee."

Aaron knew that if he didn't solve this problem, Rita would never be relieved.

He pretended to be angry. "Hey, I have to help you check your ex-boyfriend. Am I the best husband in this world? A good example as a husband?"

"Yes, yes! You're the best husband in the world. You should be copied hundreds of times and I'll sell them online. I'm sure this will make us a good fortune."


Rita raised her eyebrows at him complacently. "What about my idea?"

"Not really good."

"Why not?"

"Because..." Aaron blew on her ear and continued, "I only want to sleep with you."

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