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   Chapter 94 Will You Die If No Man Get Laid On You

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5733

Updated: 2020-04-21 00:16

In the office, Selena and the other two were sitting on the sofa. Aaron came in with Rita hand in hand.

The moment Rita entered the room, Selena flew into a rage. She jumped up, pointed at Rita and scolded, "You bitch! How dare you come here!"

Selena rushed forward and tried to slap Rita, but she failed for her hand was grasped by her son. "What are you doing?" Aaron said coldly.

"You are still protecting her? Are you still out of your mind?" Selena's eyes turned red with anger. He stared at Aaron fiercely and continued asking, "What drug did she put in you? To make you be so obsessed!"

Aaron didn't even want to speak to his mother. In his eyes, his mother, Selena, was like a dissatisfied housewife, complaining about the society all the time. Aaron persuaded in a soft voice, "Don't get angry. It does harm to your health. Take it easy. It's good to everyone."

"You!" Selena was totally pissed off. She didn't expect that her son would fight with her for a woman! She knew how arrogant Aaron was. In the past, her relationship with him was not bad. Although there was nothing to talk about between the mother and the son, at least they were not on the verge of breaking out a fight. Since he married Rita, he had been always against her will, never giving a damn about his own mother!

He said in a calm voice, "I'm serious. Father have had many girlfriends outside these years. If you continue to be bothered by everyone of them, you'll get tired. You'd better take it easy."

Selena was so angry that she looked away. "I don't want to talk about this with you. Rita has done such a thing without telling you. Are you still protecting her? She could seduce anyone, but why Nora's husband! I

, so she raised her voice and almost shouted at him.

There was a flicker in Magee's eyes. At last he gritted his teeth and nodded. "Yes! We did that."

"You are lying!" Rita wished she could rush forward and slap him in his face! But she controlled herself. "You are lying! You are lying!"

Aaron stepped forward and held Rita in his arms. Seeing that she was trembling with anger, he touched her face gently and comforted, "Riri, it's okay. I trust you. You can't have sex with this kind of person. He doesn't deserve it."

Magee bowed his head and thought to himself, 'Yes, Aaron is right. I don't deserve to have sex with Riri.'

He didn't deserve to be with Rita. He had been a timid coward from the beginning to the end. He was even willing to sacrifice his beloved woman for his selfish desires. He didn't deserve her at all.

Seeing that Magee was still hesitating, Nora snorted, "Rita, did you hear that? Magee said that he did that with you. It is you, a shameless bitch, seduced him! How dare you be so arrogant to deny the truth! I've never seen a woman as shameless as you. You are so cheap and you even frame others."

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