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   Chapter 30 What An Expert In Flirting!

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5466

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Aaron cast an indifferent glance at her.

He got off the car and walked towards her. Seeing that she was clenching her fists tightly, Aaron, who was much taller than her, stood in front of her and lowered his head to look into her eyes.

"What are you afraid of?"

His question made her eyes suddenly open. "I think you're playing with me."

"Anything else?"

He looked calm, with a faint smile in his eyes. His expression was always unpredictable, and so was his heart.

She stood there like a fool, clenched her fists and stared at him. "How long do we have known each other? From that night, till now, it's only one week at most and you get married to a woman you barely know for one week. Do you take marriage as a joke? Or you just want to marry someone randomly. I happened to appear by your side, so I am the one."

She continued, "I don't know why you like me." She stared at him with her crystal-like clear eyes. "Or, is it interesting for you to play with me?"

She looked serious and persistent. Her heart beat faster at that moment. She took a deep breath and continued, "To marry someone like you is really a scary thing."

Aaron was right. She was very scared.

"To marry me is not as terrible as you think," answered him. He tilted his head and continued, "You just think too much."

"I don't think too much. With your strange personality, no one ever knows what's in your mind, Aaron Leng."

He approached her and stared into her eyes. Seeing the light in Rita's eyes, he smiled lightly. "You really think too much. Things are not as complicated as what you think."

For, love was the simplest thing in the world.

She gazed at his eyes, and at that moment, she saw loving expression in his eyes.

Was it her illusion? Or was it his disguise?

In fact, she was really scared.

She was scared that she would get used to Aaron's protection and care and fall deeply in love of him when he was just playing with her. If that happened, what should she do? How could she extricate herself?

She was scared that she would be the one who ended up getting hurt. This would be the same result as with Magee. She had liked Magee for so many years, but she came to nothing.

She was scared that she would lose control of herself once she fell in love with Aaron.

Just like what happened today when Aaron stepped forward and stood in front of her to block all the troubles for her. She was afraid that in this way, she would get slowly dependent on him and gradually fell in love with him.

He wrapped his arms around her neck and pulled her to his chest. Lowering his head and putting his forehead against her forehead, he said, "I'm not just playing with you."

He grinned and kisse

d the tip of her nose, then kissed down to her lips.

His gentle and quiet kiss, like a dragonfly skimming over the river, exploded her heart at that moment. She opened her eyes wide. The sudden kiss made her be in a puzzle.

Aaron Leng was an expert in flirting, definitely!

Her tense heart softened at that moment.

"Your body belongs to me, and your heart will do sooner or later." He pointed to the location of her heart. "From now on, there should be only one person in here. That is me."

How could he be so confident that he was the only person in her heart?

"What if I can't make it?"

"You will."

Aaron's eyes were full of firmness. He saw her surprise and released her body soon. "Go to take the residence booklet. I will wait here for you."

Her legs were so weak that she almost needed to enter the house by supporting herself against the wall.

He looked at her back, smiling always.

The sunset was going down in the west. Under the lingering light of the setting sun, his tall figure seemed to be coated with a layer of gold.

He squinted at the girl's back.

When Jack heard that Rita were going to register marriage with Aaron, he was very excited. While he was looking for the residence booklet for her, he said excitedly, "That's great! Riri, we don't have to rely on other people anymore."

"It sounds like you are selling your daughter," said Grace, taking her daughter's hand, as if she felt guilty for her. "Think it over, Riri. Don't worry about mom and dad. We are old men. But you still have a long way to go. If you don't want to marry him, nobody could force you."

The moment when she entered the house and saw her parents' wrinkled face, her hesitation completely disappeared.

The Leng family could not only help her father and the Gu family go through the difficulties, but could afford their life without worrying about food or clothing in the future. This marriage was worth accepting.

"Dad, mom, I've thought it through. Mr. Aaron treat me well."

She smiled and took the residence booklet from Jack. "You don't have to worry about me."

"I heard that something happened to Jiang family today," said Jack, frowning and sighing. "Jiang's daughter is too young and naive. How can she compare with my Riri? I saw on the news that Mr. Aaron protected you well. I'm relieved."

"Yeah, he is very kind to me." Rita stepped forward and held her parents' hands. She couldn't let their old parents worry any more. "I assure you, I will be fine."

She took the residence booklet in her hand, which seemed to be heavy weighing thousands of kilograms. "I'm leaving now."

Once she stepped out of the house, her marriage life with Aaron seemed really began.

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