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   Chapter 29 Come With Me To Get The Marriage Registration

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4641

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Rita saw that Aaron went up to get in the car. Selena, who was standing in the distance, was very angry.

"What did you say to your mom?" Rita asked calmly when Aaron got on the car.


He smiled and touched her head. "Don't worry. Nothing serious."

She was stunned for a few seconds. What happened today was so serious but he didn't care about it at all, regardless of the consequences. Was it because he would settle everything for her no matter what happened?

"Won't you go to work later?" she kept her head down and said uneasily.

"Later?" He looked at his watch and continued, "Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. You go back home and take your residence booklet."


She was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped. She blinked her eyes in shock and bewilderment. Was there something wrong with her ears? She asked again, "What did you say?"

"Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register our marriage. Are you willing or not?" Aaron raised his eyebrows.

"So soon?" Rita did not react immediately. Was he kidding? Or did he just play a trick on her? After they got the marriage certificate, they were legally married couples! She... she hadn't even figured out her own thoughts!

"How long do you want to take?"

He glanced at Rita blankly and said with a faint smile, "The whole world knows that you are my woman. Do you still want to run away from me?"

"I won't run, but..."

"No buts!" Aaron interrupted Rita's concerns. "Just tell me, will you come with me or not?"

What a bossy man he was! He even left her no time to think.

"Why do you suddenly want to go registering our marriage?" Rita pouted. "Just on the spur of the moment again?"

"When did I go on the spur of the moment? What do you mean by saying again?" he responded instantly. "It's not an abrupt decision. We have been talking about to get registration this week for many times."

"It's not so long for us to know each other. Are we going too fast to get registered?" She never dreamed that she would be the legitimate wife of Aaron. "We have only met for less than a week. What if you regret it?"

"I never regret it."

He looked at her with a smile. "Unless you regret it?"

Would she regret it? She didn't know whether she would regret it or not.

Inexplicably, marrying Aaron,

whom many women wanted to marry was like a dream for her, a strange dream that she couldn't tell whether it was good or bad. When she remembered that he always stood in front of her without hesitation and protected her from hardships and dangers, she thought it might be a sweet dream. But she was unable to make out what's on his mind, and to understand him.

"Never mind. Just do it."

Like what he said, she would become his lawfully wedded wife sooner or later, so it didn't matter when she did it.

"You seem unwilling?" He squinted at her. "Is it so grievous to marry me?"

"No, of course not." She shrugged helplessly. In face of Aaron, she could not have any bad emotion.

Aaron sized her up for a long time, then he simply turned to the side and stared at her. "Do you know what a man will do when he really falls in love with a woman?"

She shook her head dully and looked up at him who was now put an unprecedentedly serious look on his face.

His eyes frightened Rita.

"To marry her."

After he finished, Rita's face suddenly turned red.

What the hell? Did he say he fell in love with her?

What nonsense? They have just known each other for a few days. How could he fall in love with her?

"You are joking again." Rita made a careless eye and looked away. "Mr. Aaron, you have a lot of women. Who am I to you..."

"Call me Aaron."

"Aaron," Rita squeezed the word of his given name as she gritted her teeth and frowned.

He was so arbitrary that everyone should follow his decision once he made it. The whole world should listen to him. He did not even give her an opportunity to think about it at all.

"Go home." Aaron didn't want to explain more to her. He started the car and drove straight to her home.

During the way when Aaron drove Rita home, he kept quiet, not same as usual, and didn't say a word before they reached the destination.

When they arrived at Rita's home, he parked the car and said, "Go upstairs to get your residence booklet."

The man's domineering and cold tone made Rita a little nervous. She opened the car door with trembling hands and got off the car weakly.

She slammed the door with a great bang. With the courage from nowhere, She turned around and shouted at Aaron in the car, "What if we don't go to register our marriage?"

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