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   Chapter 27 She Is My Woman

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After Rita changing her clothes and showing up with Aaron, the noisy scene was controlled by Magee but it was still chaotic.

When Trisha, the mother of Magee, saw her dear daughter being tortured by a dozen hooligans, she was almost mad. When she saw Rita coming, she pointed at her and shouted, "You ungrateful bitch! What did you do to Yvonne?"

Hearing her words, everyone looked in their direction.

When the crowd saw that Rita came here one after another with Aaron, and Trisha pointed at her nose and scolded her. Rita looked terrible. "Aunt, watch your mouth. I did not anything to her."

She glared at Trisha, eyes full of contempt.

Trisha could no longer keep cool. "If you hadn't brought my daughter here, she wouldn't have been like this! She is hurt because of you! Rita, it was you!"

"Where is the evidence?" Rita smiled and said slowly, "You said I hurt her, do you have any evidence?"

At the same time, Trisha held the girl's hand, who was brought off by Yvonne to tell everyone that Rita had an affair with other men. What's more, she led Lambert and Selena upstairs to have a look. To everyone's surprise, it was Yvonne!

The girl's face turned pale with fright when she was dragged out of the room. She shook her head and answered, "I don't know."

"Did you see Rita messing around with these men?" But Trisha didn't give up. She grabbed the girl's arm and asked, "Is it true?"

Rita looked at them indifferently and wondered what they wanted to do.

"I... I didn't see it. I heard that from someone else." The girl didn't dare to tell a lie in front of so many people. When she was forced to do so, she started to cry in a low voice. "I don't know anything."

Haley pushed her away and pointed at Rita's nose with her trembling finger. "Rita, you are a bitch. I will not let it go!"

"Wendy, get her out of my face!" Aaron appeared in front of Rita with a cold expression on his face.

When he appeared, all the people around gave way to him as his king-like aura was irresistible.

"Riri has been with me all the time. How could she do harm to Yvonne?" said Aaron with a faint smile.

Suddenly, Aaron came to her and stood firmly in front of her to shelter her from any doubt. His words made people feel doubtful about what Trisha sai


"I'm really sorry," said Magee as he stepped forward to Trisha. "We haven't made an investigation yet. We can't wrongly accuse Riri of anything."

"Are you still protecting that bitch?" Trisha said in an accusing tone. "If it weren't for her, your sister wouldn't have ended up like this. She is jealous of your sister! That's why she set her up! She is such a vicious woman!"

"Mom, Riri is not such a person!" said Magee in a deep voice.

"You're so obsessed with this coquette that you can't tell right from wrong!" Trisha pushed her son away and yelled, "What the hell did the bitch do to you? What happened to you? A bitch like her, what else could she do except seducing men! Just like her shameless mother!"

On hearing this, Selena raised her eyebrows with a sneer on her face.

When Rita heard her scolding her mother, she could no longer hold back. She walked forward and said, "Why do you insult my mother? No wonder Yvonne is like that! You raised her that way!"

"You don't need me to tell you what your mother has done," roared Trisha in anger. "You and your mother are both bitches! Rita, I am warning you, stay away from my son!"

Wendy's face changed. He asked indifferently, "Wendy, what are you doing? Why is she still here?"

Hearing the tone of Aaron, Wendy realized that the situation was serious. She called security immediately to get Trisha out.

"Mr. Aaron, Rita is a tramp!"

Before she could finish her sentence, the security guards rushed to her and dragged her outside.

Coldness reflected in his eyes. He held Rita's hand and said to the rest of the people, "No one is allowed to humiliate and curse Rita. She is my woman now."

His woman?

"I have told you that I have been keeping Rita in my arms. How could she hurt others?"

'She was... In his arms?'

Everyone was shocked and confused by what Aaron said. 'Were they... No wonder Mr. Aaron came out only with a shirt instead of a jacket.'

Magee's face turned pale in an instant.

Rita's face was terribly pale. She lowered her head and felt that her palms were constantly sweating.

Selena clearly heard what her son said. These words were meant for her! He was warning her not to do anything to Rita.

She really felt that her son was always against her!

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