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   Chapter 26 What An Embarrassing Moment!

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5463

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No one would have ever thought that the woman who slept with dozens of men in the room was not Rita, but Yvonne!

At this moment, Yvonne was having fun with a group of men. Although she had been exhausted, but the drug was still working. She was so excited that people at every corner of the whole floor would hear her crazy scream.

Everyone present was shocked!

From time to time, different people rushed into the room. The whole scene scared Mark to faint on the spot. People all wanted to came in the room to watch the scene of bustle, and some even stepped on the body of Mark in a panic. The scene was so chaotic that some timid women even screamed with their eyes covered by hands.

Magee thought first it was really Rita, so he went up and tried to pull the onlookers out of the room, shouting angrily, "Get out! No one is not allowed to come in!"

Nora entered the room in order to load Rita with insults for her cousin's sake, but only to found that Yvonne was lying on the bed naked.

"What... is going on here?" Nora had never seen the lewd scene before. She was too scared so she had to cover her mouth.

Magee was also shocked.

It never occurred to Magee that the woman in the room was his own sister! It was not Rita.

What an embarrassing moment!

"Get out! Get out, all of you!" Magee shouted at the journalists and the guests who were gossiping without hesitation. He asked the security guards to block the room immediately and drove out the dozens of hooligans.

Mark was still faint out of scare. So Magee asked some attendants to take his father away at once. People outside who heard the noise inside and spread this breaking news among them.

It was not Rita who was sleeping with many men, but the eldest daughter of the Jiang family—Yvonne Jiang.

Seeing this, those journalists were even more excited. They had just rushed in and took a lot of photos, and some of them had already posted the photos online, causing thousands of clicks and a heated discussion, "The eldest daughter of the Jiang family was caught sleeping around with dozens of men, in the hall holding the event of the Jiang family and the Leng family."

Yvonne was also a rising star in the entertainment circle, and this kind of breaking news was a great joy for the entertainment circle, so the media exaggerated the actual situation to make it even more bizarre, adding highly colored details to Yvonne who had always been a subject of the hot topics.

Hearing the noise in the next room, Aaron who had just enjoyed a great time started to get dressed slowly.

Rita's consciousness woke up a lot. She hid in the quilt covering her upper body. "Why is it so noisy outside?"

"Isn't that what you have

done?" He walked up to her and touched her head and noticed that Rita's face was red. He then showed the message from Wendy to her, "The eldest daughter of the Jiang family sleeping around with dozens of men with her group sex photos being wildly spread online."

"What?" Rita was shocked. When she saw the photos, she covered her mouth with her hand subconsciously. After thinking it carefully, she frowned in anger. "Well, what a trap she was setting for me. This is too much!"

There must be something wrong with the chocolate cake Yvonne took. It seemed that Yvonne added some drug in it and tried to fool Rita into the room where dozens of men waiting there then get her raped by those men.

'I didn't expect that my action at that moment by pushing Yvonne into the room was the action to save myself.

Without that action, It would have been me, not Yvonne, to be the heated topic in the internet and news reports now.'

At the thought of this, Rita was still in a state of shock. She put her hand on her chest, feeling lucky for herself that it was not her to be in this situation. But Yvonne suffered from her own actions. She intended to harm Rita, but actually harmed herself instead.

She looked up and cast a glance at Aaron. 'Damn it. Let this guy take my advantage.'

"Don't look at me like that. You should thank me for saving your life to purge your sexual desire." Aaron stepped forward restlessly and handed her a glass of water. "Your body was of too much heat. Are you thirsty?"

Rita felt her throat go dry for she had been shouting loudly just now.

She took the cup from him and drank the water. Only by finishing the water with a gulp did she moisten her dry throat.

But the moment when she drank the water, the quilt on her body slipped down. Rita hurriedly pulled the quilt to cover her body again. However, this action was caught in the eyes of Aaron. He smiled faintly. "No need to cover your body. I've already seen it."

Her face was as red as a tomato, and her eyes were widely open. She changed her tender and shy look. Instead, she stared at Aaron with resentment.

Aaron thought she was so cute and couldn't help laughing. He touched her head and said, "All right. Get yourself dressed and go out with me."

"Why are you going out? You want to see the fun?"

"What an interesting scene. It would be a pity to miss it."

Rita did not want to wear her clothes in front of him. She pouted and said, "Turn your head around. Don't look."

"I've seen every part of you."

"Aaron Leng!" She was ashamed and angry. She shouted at him, "You! Turn around!"

Left with no choice but following her order, Aaron had to turn around. "Fine. Fine. I'm not looking at you."

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