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   Chapter 25 Been Enamored With Him This Time

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6208

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Aaron had sensed her abnormality. She was so close to him that he could smell her light fragrance.

There were only two of them in the room. She felt so hot all over her body that she could not help but hold Aaron's hands.

Rita's burning heart suddenly softened.

Desire flashed through Aaron's deep eyes. Looking at her red face and affectionate eyes, he could not suppress his lust anymore and reached out to untie her buttons.

Her tenderness was like the warm sunshine, immersing her whole body. He felt that he was extremely anxious, so he couldn't wait to take off his clothes and throw them out of the bed.

Suddenly, Aaron remembered his first hookup with Rita. He put on a smile and kissed her body fiercely. Then, the room was filled with desire for love.

As Rita was in an unconscious state, Aaron inevitably didn't enjoy himself so much. But for Rita, she was drunk and unconscious and this time, she seemed to have been enamored with him.

"Aaron Leng..."

She called his name in a daze. Her fingers went through his hair, and her sight gradually became clear.

"Call me Aaron."

He found the woman under him extremely attractive. Her waist was slim. She was like a flower bursting into bloom, who followed every move of him.

Aaron helped her move away the long hair sticking to her cheek. Seeing her passionate and satisfied expression, he kissed her lips gently. "Good girl, call me Aaron."


She said it in a low voice which sounded very tempting, as if she was scratching him. He couldn't help but give her French kissing.

He had never kissed a woman so lovingly before.

Rita put her hands around his shoulders and began to give him responses, not knowing triggered by whether the effect of the drug or something else.

She closed her eyes and let herself sink into such a beautiful and gentle lovemaking.

At this time, wonderful music was playing on the dancing floor downstairs. In the middle of the dancing floor was Nora who caught the eyes of everyone. As the elder daughter of the Su family, she was always the center of attraction in this kind of occasion.

Magee was looking around and searching for Rita from time to time. He was disappointed that he didn't see her.

The banquet was almost over, and Yvonne was nowhere to be found either.

Magee felt strange and was about to go upstairs for her. However, Nora came up and blocked his way. "The party is about to end. Why don't you invite me to dance?"

Nora smiled sweetly and tenderly. She was born being noble and elegant, emitting a light intoxicating temperament, attracting people's attention.

Magee smiled reluctantly. "Sorry."

Nora came up to him and said, "You haven't come to see me since you returned home. You promised that you would contact me."

Magee withdrew his sight in embarrassment. He knew Nora's affection for him, but he only cared about only one girl from first to last.

"Bad news." At this time, a voice came from nowhere. Yvonne had arranged a few people to spread the news that Rita was sleeping with other men when the party was

almost over in order to draw people's attention to see the messed scene. "I just saw Rita Gu was coquetting with several men upstairs."


Hearing the news, everyone was shocked. Rita was coquetting with other men. Wasn't she Mr. Aaron's fiancée?

Actually, Rita would not have come to this kind of event at all. If she had no relationship with Aaron, no one would care about her.

But Aaron was no ordinary person. His woman was also not ordinary.

Nora's eyes widened in surprise. "Isn't Rita engaged with my cousin? How could she cheat on him?"

In this event, Aaron' parents—Lambert and Selena, and Mark, Magee's father, were also present. When they heard the news, they couldn't help but get restless. Today, so many news media were here, if this scandal was exposed, it would be a huge humiliation to the Leng family.

Nora took the hands of one of the people who spread the news and asked with a frown, "Are you serious? You can't make fun of this."

"Yeah, Rita was screaming very loudly upstairs. We were really scared."

Those people had already been bought off by Yvonne to spread news loudly and vigorously.

A hint of sternness flashed across Selena's face. She glared at her husband and snapped, "What did I tell you? A girl from a poor family like her doesn't deserve Aaron."

"It's not clear yet," Lambert replied. "Don't draw your conclusion so early."

Standing behind his parents, Scott gave a weird smile. "You are right, father. She is the woman Aaron chose by himself. Things won't go wrong."

Hearing this, Selena turned back and glared at Scott who didn't say anything more, but just smiled. The whole Leng family knew that Selena didn't like Rita at all. She wished that Rita could break up with her son as soon as possible, so that she wouldn't be pissed off by them someday and have a heart attack.

The most pleased one at present was Mark, father of Yvonne. He walked up to Lambert with a flattering smile and said, "Mr. Lambert, you should take time to choose your daughter-in-law. I have watched Rita grow up. She is restless."

Looking at the complacent expression in Mark's eyes, Lambert only glanced at him without saying anything.

Selena sneered, "Look at what Aaron has done. He let a woman marry into our family randomly. Now she has involved in such a scandal!"

"It hasn't been confirmed yet. Maybe it's a misunderstanding," Lambert was still speaking for Rita.

"There's no smoke without fire. We'd better check it out. If it really happens, we need to make a decision in advance." Ignoring what Lambert thought, Selena led the way up the stairs.

Yvonne had arranged some reporters to the event. As soon as all the people went upstairs, the security guard broke the door.

According to the instruction of Yvonne, those reporters would take pictures madly after the door was opened.

There were more than a dozen men, but only one woman in the room. What a spectacular scene!

So many people out of the room were stunned to drop their jaws!

At this moment, Yvonne's scream echoed in the room, full of joy.

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