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   Chapter 24 She Would Definitely Lose All Reputation

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5538

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With a pitiful look on her face, Yvonne begged, "Sister Rita, this time the Jiang family and the Leng family are in cooperation. You don't want the media to report scandal. After all, you are going to be part of the Leng family now. Do you want to humiliate the Leng family?"

"Yvonne, I just asked you to live broadcast your makeup removing process, how could I humiliate the Leng family? This has nothing to do with the Leng family." Rita smiled faintly. "If you don't want to remove the makeup, I'm leaving now."

Seeing that Rita was going to leave, Yvonne's face turned green. She gritted her teeth and shouted, "Okay, don't leave. I'll just do it."

"Don't forget to do it in your live video streaming," Rita reminded her.

"Oh, I forget to bring makeup remover," Yvonne shouted, sticking her pink soft tongue. "Oh, my God. What should I do?"

"It doesn't matter. The wine has the same function as the makeup remover."

Rita looked around and found nobody was paying attention to them. So she splashed a glass of wine on Yvonne's face. "You don't even need the makeup remover."

The wine was poured all over Yvonne, making her hair and clothes all wet. She was totally stunned!

Before Yvonne could react, Rita wiped the makeup on her face with a tissue. "Well, your makeup is removed and your face is really clean."

Rita leaned against the wall and looked at Yvonne casually. Yvonne ground her teeth and wiped off the wine stains on her face. Her makeup was totally massed up. She was like a big colorful cat. Her eyes were stained with eyeliner. Her hair was wet by wine. Her original hairstyle was also messed. She looked like an ugly ghost!

"Now are you satisfied?" Yvonne was so furious that she even wanted to yell at Rita right now, but she still held back her anger and kept staring at Rita.

'Just one more minute, one more minute, I will let you suffer for what you have done to me!' Yvonne thought in mind.

She stared at the cake in Rita's hand and was relieved after seeing Rita take a bite of it.

"Take it."

Rita scooped out a spoon of cake and handed it to Yvonne. Impatiently, Yvonne opened her small cherry mouth and reluctantly ate it.

'Damn you, Rita. You will be finished soon, completely finished!' Yvonne thought.

Aaron was ruthless. If he knew that Rita had been violated by several men at the same time, he would beat her to death! Aaron would dump her at that time. And she would definitely lose all reputation. Even my brother would cold-shoulder her. Who else would want the bitch!

"Sister Rita, you are tired. Let me take you to rest."

After standing here for a long time, Rita felt a little dizzy and chest distress. She was intending to go to rest. When hearing Yvonne's words, she agree

d to let Yvonne support her upstairs.

A triumphant smile flashed on Yvonne's face. She took Rita upstairs.

The location of this event was in the main hall of the hotel. There were private rooms upstairs, and there were rooms ready for guests to rest. Yvonne pulled Rita to the room where she had already prepared upstairs.

Yvonne's plan was that as long as she opened the door and threw Rita in the room where there were hooligans she hired. Dozens of hooligans would rape her. Wasn't that exciting enough?

Rita would be ruined once she was pushed in!

Yvonne almost failed to control her excitement. She wanted to laugh out loud. No one could save Rita this time. She was doomed!

If the video in which Rita was playing with other men was posted online, Yvonne would definitely have her revenge!

"Sister Rita, here is your room."

Yvonne pushed the door open with one hand, and unexpectedly, Rita suddenly grabbed Yvonne's hand with all her strength and threw Yvonne in the room. She was more than ready for Yvonne's plan.


Yvonne yelled and Rita slammed the door. It was obvious that the lock was broken and couldn't be opened from inside at all.

It seemed that Yvonne had planned it in advance. Fortunately, Rita was not stupid enough to believe her.

"Rita, open the door! Open the door!"

Yvonne knocked at the door desperately. After a while, the effect of the chocolate cake began to take effect. Yvonne felt so hot and weak that she began to take off her clothes...

"Yvonne, have a good rest,"

Rita shouted to Yvonne who was in the other side of the door, turned around and was about to go downstairs. As she walked to the elevator, she happened to meet Aaron standing there.

"What are you doing?" Her cheeks were burning like boiled shrimp. "Where did you go?" he asked.

She paused for a while and felt something strange. She felt very uncomfortable.

Damn it! It must be that Yvonne did something to the cake. Rita knew that she was up to no good.

Looking at her from head to toe, Aaron asked, "Are you okay?"

Rita was so hot that she tugged at her collar impatiently. It was awkward and embarrassing that she met him at this time.

"I... I'm going to have a rest."

After saying that, she quickened her pace to another room.

"I also want to have a rest. Let's go together."

Aaron pulled Rita into his arms and held her by the waist.

When he touched her waist, Rita was like being struck by lightning. Her cheek grew red as if drops of blood were going to dripping down. Her mind wanted her to push Aaron away, but her body was uncontrollably close to him. She unconsciously threw her hands around his shoulder...

'I'm so screwed!' she thought. 'What did Yvonne put in the cake!'

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