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   Chapter 23 How About Live-streaming Removing Your Makeup

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6100

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Ever since the marriage of Rita and Aaron was exposed, she dared not to go out often. The entrance of her house was blocked by paparazzi, and her private life pictures were exposed by the media from time to time.

Yvonne was in a rage to read these reports every day. Since her cloth was torn by Rita last time, she swore to revenge herself!

She must play some tricks on Rita, otherwise she would never swallow her anger!

Since her debut, Yvonne had a little fame in the entertainment business. She often attended some wine parties and ribbon cutting. As the daughter of the Jiang clan, of course, she would attend the event cohosted by the Gu family and the Jiang family.

Today's banquet was not only attended by the Leng family and the Jiang family, but also the Su family. The Su family was on Aaron's mother's side. With a large fortune, they were a hot topic in the upper class and rarely showed up. The marriage of Selena and Lambert was undoubtedly a commercial cooperation, so the two families grew stronger and stronger.

However, what they were mostly proud of was not their fortune but their daughter Nora.

Born in a noble family and grown up in a British aristocratic family, Nora was Aaron's cousin. She came back this time just to attend the wedding.

She was also invited to attend this event.

Yvonne was on good terms with Nora, and she wanted her to be her sister-in-law. In this way, the Jiang family and the Su family would become relatives by marriage, which would do good to the Jiang family. In this banquet, she had been persuading Nora and Magee to set them up.

Aaron and Rita arrived. As soon as he appeared, all the guests and celebrities took up the opportunity to talk with him. All the bosses of the business world came to greet him one by one. But Rita had no interest in it. She quietly left the cafe and sat on a sofa, drinking champagne and eating dessert.

She didn't want to attend it at first, but the wedding was put on the agenda, which had already made her the future wife of Mr. Aaron. If she didn't attend it, the news media would make up stories about it.

To her surprise, Yvonne came over with a piece of cake. She then squinted her eyes and smirked. "Sister Rita."

"Didn't you always like chocolate cake?" She smiled flatteringly. What a fake smile!

She held the chocolate cake in her hands and gave it to her. "It was all my fault. For my brother's sake, please forgive me. If you don't forgive me, he will be mad at me."

She looked at Magee, who was talking to Nora.

Feeling a tingle in her eyes, Rita looked back coldly at the cake in Yvonne's hand. The chocolate cream that covered the cake looked very delicious.

"Thank you. But I don't like chocolate now."

She took the cake from Yvonne's hand and put it aside.

A tinge of embarrassment flashed through Yvonne's face, but she pretended to be pitiful and continued to beg, "Sister Gu, I have known you for so many years. I know I did something wrong. I offended you. Please forgive me and let's put it

behind us!"

Rita felt that something was wrong. Was she pretending to be kind and bringing some Greek gifts?

"First of all, there is no us." Rita sneered. "Then you have no right to ask me to forgive you on this."

Looking at the sweet and gentle smile on her face, Rita thought, 'Now that you have shown your true face, why do you still come here?' She must be up to something!

Yvonne tried to control her anger. But in order to make her plan work, she swallowed it and said, "Sister, don't be angry with me. I went to your house to find you because... I was too angry. I worked so hard to make friends with Mr. Aaron, and I always thought you were my brother's woman. I didn't expect you to be so capable to marry him. I was snobbish and looked down upon people, and I was rude."

What she said was just ridiculous!

'It was so abnormal. Was it because there was something in her heart or she was plotting to hurt me?' thought Rita.

She picked up the chocolate cake and handed it to Rita, saying, "Sister, please forgive me and take one bite of it as a gesture."

Rita couldn't help laughing and said, "Yvonne, I remember clearly how you treated me in the past."

Yvonne had lost all her patience. She wanted to throw a piece of cake on Rita's face and yell at her. But she still held it back. The smile on her face was going to twist. She asked, "Then what should I do to make you forgive me?"

'The more comprise she makes, the more questionable she is!

She is good at scheming and plotting anyway!'

"It's not impossible for me to forgive you." Rita turned her eyes to look at the delicate face of Yvonne. "If you live-stream the process of removing you makeup, I will forgive you."

"What?" screamed Yvonne.

With a bright smile on her face, Rita asked, "Well, what do you say?"

It was not a good idea for her to remove her makeup at such a party. Today, Yvonne was the star of the Jiang family. Yet Rita asked her to remove her makeup. The media would definitely make a fuzz about it. She would be completed disgraced.

Looking at the resentment on her face, Rita knew that she would never sincerely apologize!

"What? You don't want my forgiveness?" With a brighter smile, Rita continued, "It is just a live-stream of removing your makeup. It is not like I am asking you to die. Perhaps you will become a hot star in the entertainment circle because your true face is seen by others."

Rita raised her eyebrows and smiled. "As long as you remove your makeup and come to see me, I will eat this chocolate and I will forgive you, okay?"

She looked like a ghost when she was not wearing her makeup. She was ugly, old and had bad skin. Her image would be ruined.

Rita took the chocolate cake that Yvonne gave her, which was undoubtedly the biggest temptation for her. As long as Rita ate this cake, her goal was achieved! She would disgrace Rita in front of everyone. She would make Aaron regret being with such a disgraceful woman. Then Rita would not have to stay in the upper class anymore!

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