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   Chapter 20 It Is Hard To Say Who Was The Winner

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6860

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Rita's legs suddenly went limp. She thought she had heard it wrong.

She couldn't believe her ears. Magee had said it and asked her not to marry Aaron! What should she do? What was her answer?

Why did he say that? Why did he ask her not to get married?

She looked back at Magee. At that moment, the elevator just arrived and stopped on the fiftieth floor.

Wendy was standing in front of the elevator door and ready to pick them up. When the elevator door opened, Rita was staring at Magee in shock and bewilderment.

An extremely weird atmosphere spread around them, as if time had stopped at that moment.

Neither of them spoke first.

"Miss Rita," said Wendy, who coughed a few times to break the embarrassing silence between them. She poked her head to see Magee, smiled and said, "Mr. Magee, Mr. Aaron is waiting for you inside."

"Miss Rita, please come with me."

Wendy was going to take Rita to the meeting room and left Magee to talk business with Aaron first.

Rita came out of the elevator with difficulty, seeing that Magee was walking away. She really wanted to go forward regardless of everything, and then ask him the reason. It was that he also liked her, wasn't it?

But she knew she couldn't do that.

If she did, what she had done before to save the Gu family would be in vain?

But she didn't know what to do while watching Magee leave.

Would he pretend that nothing had happened? Would he take back his words? Would he just pretend that he never said that? Should she just turn a deaf ear to him?

But could she pretend nothing had happened in the bottom of her heart?

"Miss Rita, this way please," seeing that Rita gave her no reaction, Wendy added.

"Okay." Rita took her gaze at Magee and cast a last glance at his back. Then she followed Wendy to the meeting room.

In the president office, Aaron was standing in front of the French window with his back on to Magee when he stepped in.

Hearing the footsteps, Aaron looked back and politely gestured Magee to sit down. "Mr. Magee, take a seat."

Magee sat opposite to him, and the two men, who were so different from each other but having the same majestic manners, were staring at each other with indelible defense and respect.

"I heard that Mr. Magee had been abroad for a period, and you came back recently to take over the business of the Jiang family." It was usual for Aaron to talk about work in a straightforward way. However, today, he was chatting at first with Magee. It was the first time for him to do that. "Shall I call you Sir Mr. Jiang in the future?"

"You must be joking, Mr. Aaron,"

Magee said in an indifferent tone and with a cold expression on his face. "Let's just talk about the business."

"No hurry," Aaron interrupted him with a smile. "We can talk about business anytime. We have not seen each other for many years, so let's talk about the old days."

"What do you want to talk about, Mr. Aaron?" said Magee, with an elusive meaning glimmering in his eyes.

Aaron was still laughing, casually but dangerously.

Before Aaron was about to say something, Magee continued, "There's no need to talk about the old days. I have no story to talk with you." Then he looked away and gave the plan report to Aaron. "I hope you won't let us down for this cooperation, Mr. Aaron."

Aaron only glanced at the document and threw it aside. "The traditional enterprises like th

e Gu and Jiang companies, would collapse very soon and you have been tied up for a long time. With the impact of the Gu Company's crisis, you will go bankrupt soon. So the Jiang Company deal with things flexibly. You know that you need to turn to the our Leng Company for help in a hurry, which will help you avoid the crisis. But I am really curious, if I don't step forward to help, will you put the burden on the Jiang family to save the Gu family?"

His tone was very slow, but with provocation and sarcasm. "Will you sacrifice the Jiang family with the Gu family for the sake of Rita?"

Magee answered indifferently, "Yes, I will. If I knew the Gu family's financial difficulties earlier, I would come back earlier to help her. I won't see her stay in a dead end, let alone let her come to you."

A fierce look flashed through Aaron's eyes as he squinted. He shrugged his shoulders and said with a relaxed smile, "But actually, you did nothing. In the end, it was me to help the Gu family out of the crisis. So Rita is my reward."

Magee controlled his anger and said, "Rita doesn't owe you. You shouldn't treat her like this."

"I treat her well and I give her whatever she wants. Isn't that enough? If you were me, would you do more than I do?" Aaron smiled evilly. There was a hint of warning in his eyes. "Magee Jiang, you shouldn't meddle in my marriage with Rita. Now, she is my fiancée."

"You will not treat her with your true heart at all!" Magee said in a firm tone. He knew what kind of person Aaron was since they knew each other for so many years. It was hard to guess Aaron's intention. He often did some unexpected things which were evil, cruel and unpredictable. He married Rita, maybe just on the spur of the moment, or maybe just a game he played. He was cold-blooded and ruthless. He would not care about other people's feelings.

"How do you know I won't treat her with my true heart? You think you have the right to say that?" Aaron said slowly. His narrow eyebrows were shining with coldness. "Maybe you will do worse than me. What qualifications do you have to say this to me? Do you have the ability to take her away from me now? No, you don't."

He knew Magee's weaknesses so he was sure that Magee was not likely to do that.

"So, you have no right to talk about my life," said Aaron, no longer looking at Magee. He crossed his hands and put his lips against his index finger. His deep dark eyes were like the boundless sky. His voice was full of coldness and indifference. He said to Magee, "She will never come back to you. You can't win me."

"Well, it depends," said Magee as he stood up and straightened his suit. Looking askance at Aaron, he continued, "The things you do for her were all false displays of affection. Riri won't be moved by you. You just win her body but not her heart. So what? Her heart won't be with you. It's still uncertain who will win and who will lose."

Magee looked at Aaron who kept laughing and felt his laugh rather creepy.

Magee thought that he must irritate him. He knew that Aaron was a very dangerous man. How could he let Rita stay with such a man? He was so useless. He could not even protect her!

In his eyes, Aaron, this guy would go crazy to win the game, and he would do all in his full strength to prove that he would be the winner and he could make Rita stay with him. What would he do?

Magee dared not to imagine.

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