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   Chapter 18 You Will Get Yourself Trapped Sooner Or Later

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5086

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The proposal ceremony made Aaron and Rita a hot topic of discussion.

With a lot of fund, the Gu family managed to survive the crisis.

Knowing that the company pulled through a difficult period, Jack was in a better mood. He chatted with Rita on the daily basis, "It is so romantic for Mr. Aaron to propose to you. I was worried that a playboy like him would not treat you well. I didn't expect that he is so thoughtful."

"Father, don't judge a man by his appearance." Rita raised her eyelids and cast a lazy glance at her father.

"Anyway, our company has a large amount of money turnover this time, and we can finally handle it." Jack breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks to Mr. Aaron. Riri, you should express heartfelt thanks to him."

"Okay." She was so mentally and physically exhausted that not being able to get out of bed in the early morning because of Aaron.

Jack received a phone call. When he returned to the table, he couldn't help but sigh, "Speaking of this, Magee is also a good boy."

"What's wrong?" At the mention of Magee, Rita's scalp tingled instantly as if she was hit by lighting.

"Yesterday, he called me and asked if I need any help. He asked the bank to make more time for our company to pay the money back and guaranteed the turnover money for me."

When Jack finished, Rita's hand shook violently and her chopsticks fell to the ground. Her eyes were getting red and she felt her nose twitched.

She bent down in a hurry and tried to calm herself down by picking up the chopsticks.

"The Jiang family has always been friends with us. But this time, the Jiang family showed no mercy to us. I feel so disappointed,"

her father kept talking, but Rita didn't listen to a word of what he said.

She believed that Magee would definitely help her, no matter what happened.

Thinking of this, she was sad. Magee went abroad for less than half a year. When he came back, everything was different. Aaron suddenly appeared. Her original life was turned upside down.

Why would all things become like this?

This might be fate.

In the building of the Leng Company, Wendy handed a large amount of remittance certificate to Aaron and said with a smile, "Mr. Aaron is really generous. One hundred million dollars are enough to buy the Gu company, let alone to solve the difficulty for the Gu family."

Aaron signed his name indifferently. "I give one hundred million to get Rita. It's not expensive."

A smile played at his lips. He turned his eyes to look at Wendy, who took the docume

nts from his hand and smiled as well. She said, "Mr. Aaron, although you seldom play love with others, speaking of love, who can play better than you? Poor Miss Rita, she is so manipulated by you."

"Hey, you can't say that." He touched his chin and continued, "Rita is actually quite interesting."

Wendy knew exactly what was on his mind and sneered.

She had been working for Aaron for so many years, so she knew him well. If someone was going to play feelings with him, that would bring about one's own destruction.

"The media loved you so much. You show love every day, and they didn't get tired of this," Wendy said while browsing the Weibo in her phone. "How long will you plan to act?"

"I'm not acting. I'm just expressing my true feelings." With a smile on his lips, he lazily looked up at her.

"You continue to play it. You will get yourself trapped sooner or later."

But Aaron didn't take it seriously. He casually played with his sign pen and asked, "Has my grandfather known about the wedding?"

"Last time you took Miss Rita back to have dinner, the Leng family were having a great argument. My phone was blowing up," Wendy said with a shrug. "Mr. Aaron, I'm your secretary, not your housekeeper. You'd better handle this yourself."

She turned on the cellphone to show to Aaron many messages from his mother, Selena.

He glanced at her phone. "I don't have to use my mind and I know what she would say."

"There will be a meeting with the Jiang Company at three o'clock in the afternoon." Wendy changed the topic of conversation. "By the way, Magee Jiang will come here as their representative."

"Okay." Hearing the name of Magee, he raised his eyebrows and his eyes flashed. "Send someone to take Rita here."

"Are you going to meet Miss Rita today?" She got stupefied. "You have dated her frequently lately."

"Of course I will meet her today. The relationship between Magee and Rita is very close. I can't let her be taken away by Magee at this crucial moment."

Wendy mumbled while looking through the documents in her hands, "You've controlled her so tightly. How could she escape?"

Wendy thought that Rita was just a pastime for Aaron. How could he be so serious to a girl? After he used Rita, he would kick her away.

After reporting her work to Aaron, Wendy left.

Aaron sat alone in front of his desk, looking at his cellphone, half smiling. The Internet was full of romantic pictures of him and Rita. A memory of a little girl was flashing through his mind and lingered.

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