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   Chapter 17 What Do You Want

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5311

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Aaron did not answer her question.

He took her hand and put it on his own arm, letting her hold him. His eyes seemed to be bright, but with a ray of light that could not be caught up. There was a faint but inexplicable meaning in his eyes. "Do you like the proposal tonight?"

Like? Was it far from like?

Rita looked at Aaron. He appeared in her world during these days, and he met all her needs to fulfill her young girl's romance. But he was not the one she liked. She did so for the sake of the Gu family.

She knew clearly that Aaron didn't like her sincerely either.

So she could not answer his question.

"You don't like it?" He continued to ask. "I was going to book a yacht party, but then I thought that you might not like that kind of style. According to my observation, I think you would like this Hilltop Restaurant style."

Observation? He did some research?

Rita widened her eyes. "How do you know I don't like yacht party? You are guessing me again."

Before she finished her words, her hand was held tightly by him. Before she realized, she had already stood in front of the camera.

"Don't say anything." He held her waist and pressed her against his chest, smiling to the camera. He looked so arrogant with a majestic demeanor.

He lowered his head to kiss Rita's cheek. "Smile to the camera."

Rita looked up, with her dark eyelashes slightly shivering, bright eyes twinkling. "Did you also invite the journalists?"

"They are not journalists but photographers."

Aaron held her so tightly that she felt out of breath. It was so depressing ar

rve your love?"

"I know Riri well. She is not that kind of person," said Magee in a firm tone. He stared at his sister coldly. "Don't say about her like that."

"People are bound to change. She is not the sister Rita used to be. She has changed. As soon as you left, she has found another man. Isn't it disgusting enough?"

"We are not that kind of relation," said Magee indifferently. "Don't make a story out of nothing."

"But you two love each other!" Yvonne frowned. "You and Rita are boyfriend and girlfriend-to-be, how can she get engaged to Aaron while tantalizing you!"

she complained, pouting her lips resentfully. It was not easy for her to get to meet Aaron, and she thought she could be his girlfriend. Unexpectedly, Rita rushed out halfway.

Magee's face darkened. He knocked on the table with his index finger, and said to her seriously, "I'm not Rita's boyfriend. If you dare to slander her again, I'll fix you."

Frightened by his warning, Yvonne dared not to say anything more. She had been afraid of Magee since childhood.

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