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   Chapter 11 Mr. Aaron Finished Too Soon

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5902

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Aaron drove as fast as a rocket and arrived at the hotel quickly.

As soon as Rita got off the car, her legs were so feeble that she could hardly walk. Supporting herself by the pillar outside the hotel for a while, she slowly raised her head and looked at Aaron who straightened his suit. Then he strode into the hotel.

What kind of woman made Aaron so nervous?

What was the woman's charm to make Aaron look like a different person?

She had known him for not a long time, but she had more or less known his temperament. He always behaved like a demon who was unpredictable, but he would never be angry in front of other people. And earlier today when he received a call from Wendy, he lost his anger.

'Who is the woman that Wendy was talking about? Is she the one who caused me and Aaron's hookup?' Rita thought.

Full of questions, Rita followed the steps of Aaron. He went straight to the elevator and soon arrived at the hotel suite which Wendy told him.

"Wait for me outside." When Aaron suddenly saw that Rita was with him, he stopped and sneered, "I'll be out in a minute."

Before she could say anything, Aaron had already gone inside the suite.

With a bang, the door was closed by him and Rita was isolated from the inside. At this moment, she was a little confused. She was eager to know who the woman inside was and what she looked like. Rita was curious and nervous.

But, did everything about Aaron have anything to do with her? She asked herself and then denied it again and again in her mind.

It might be the human nature of the curiosity about gossip. Yes, it was!

Inside the suite of the hotel, a coquettish woman was sitting on the sofa and smoking. She took up a glass of red wine from the table and slowly shook it. When she looked up, her hand trembled when she saw Aaron coming in. She was a little scared, so she extinguished the cigarette butt with hand.

"Mr. Aaron." She smiled coquettishly, with her eyes full of flirtatious charm to seduce him.

However, Aaron was not interested in her at all. Instead, casting a stern glance at the woman, Aaron said with a poker-faced attitude, "Now you are not afraid to show up? You gave me a present the other night. Remember that?"

"That girl looks pretty. I think she is quite suitable for Mr. Aaron." The woman took a sip of the red wine with a sexy smile. Her red lipstick print was stick to the glass, making her look more sexy and stunning. In the face of Aaron, she had a guilty conscience. She tried to hold back her fear and continued, "Mr. Aaron, you want to thank me for giving you such a good present?"

"Come on," Aaron said with a grim expression in his eyes. He raised his handsome lips and laughed, "I don't have much patience. Tell me everything you know. Or..."

That cold words made the woman shivering. Her lips were dry and her throat was tight. She did not know what to say. She clasped her ten fingers together, beggi

ng pitifully, "Mr. Aaron, I really don't know anything."

"Then why are you hiding from me?" He smiled silently, suppressing his anger. "How much money did Scott give you to work for him like this? Kaley, I treated you well. Do you know the consequences of betraying me?"

That woman called Kaley was frightened and her body softened instantly. She wished she could exert all her skills to persuade Aaron by pressing her body against him. "Mr. Aaron, I was wrong."

The woman in his arms was as docile as a cat, tears flowing from her pathetic big eyes. She covered his strong chest with one of her hands and unbuttoned his shirt at the same time. "Mr. Aaron, I do everything just for you, without any second thoughts."

As soon as the woman's sexy lips gently kissed his face, her hand was suddenly gripped by Aaron. His eyes instantly flashed into red, and he sternly said, "Take your hands away."

She took back her hands in fear. He was as cold as an ice. She dared not approach him and speak a word again, then shrank back to the seat where she was before.

"I give you ten minutes to confess." Aaron's face darkened. He sneered, "Be careful with your words. Do not lie to me."

At that moment, Kaley realized that Aaron wasn't joking. He wouldn't beat a woman, but that didn't mean his subordinates wouldn't. How could she afford to offend and irritate Aaron? She would be crazy if she chose to help Scott go against Aaron.

Kaley's face was pale and she told the story with a trembling voice. She did not forget to add, "That night, I really didn't know what to do. I was afraid that you would be angry with me, so I found a girl. She... she is to your taste, isn't she?"

When she mentioned Rita, Aaron's handsome body suddenly moved a little. A smile appeared on his cold face, but in an instant he returned to poker face again. "Are you telling the truth? I will ask my men to investigate it."

Kaley's face turned pale. Seeing that Aaron was about to leave, she grasped his arm hurriedly and said, "Mr. Aaron, please give me one more chance. I will do whatever you tell me."

If she lost the protection of Aaron, she knew that Scott would not let her go easily since she had told Aaron so many secrets about Scott.

"I was wrong! I had no choice!"

But before she could finish her sentence, Aaron left resolutely. He didn't even look back when she was crying and shouting.

"Send her away. Don't let her show up in front of me again." He left the room after the call to settle things.

Rita was still standing outside. She kept pacing back and forth in the aisle for a long time. Finally, she saw Aaron coming out of the suite.

She looked up and saw his shirt was in a mess. There was also a bright red lipstick print on his neck.

Rita sneered. She looked at her watch and calculated the time in her mind silently. "Mr. Aaron, you finished too soon."

"Don't you know whether I finish soon or not?"

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