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   Chapter 9 She Is Different From Other Girls

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5713

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Wendy went shopping with Rita and bought her some clothes. Aaron showed up at dusk on time to pick Rita up for dinner.

He rolled down the window, and saw Rita standing on the side of the road in the crowd. She was wearing a red dress with nipped waists, which perfectly covered the wounds on her knees. She looked more elegant and aloof in the high-heeled shoes, making people feel difficult to get close to her.

He beckoned her to get in the car.

Rita got on the car and closed the door. She said with cool and beautiful eyes, "Wendy said that she would leave alone first."

"Okay. We are going for the dinner. You will meet my parents and some other people." He drove to the hotel, intending to tell her the complex relationship about the Leng family, but Rita did not seem to be interested.

"What? In bad mood? Women always feel good after they go shopping." Aaron glanced at her. She looked worse than she did in the morning.

"No, I have always been like this."

Rita grabbed her skirt with both hands, feeling restless. All these happened too fast. She only met Aaron for just a few times. If counting in today, they had just met for four or five times. It was unbelievable for her to marry a man who she had only met a few times. And this man embraced tens of millions of dollars, handsome as well. He was the dream lover of countless girls. He was like a mystery.

"All the members of the Leng family will attend the dinner tonight, including my so-called elder brother, Scott. You might not know well about the relationship of our family. Just stay with me later. Don't talk nonsense."

After hearing the suggestions, Rita nodded tamely. "Okay, I got it."

"My father is a strange person. If he treat you kindly, you don't have to be surprised." With one hand on the steering wheel, Aaron touched his lips with the other hand and gave a meaningful smile.

Why would his father treat her kindly? Rita could not understand.

She turned her head to look at Aaron whose face was not wearing any expression.

"Here we are."

Looking up, Rita found that the top seven-star luxury hotel was like a castle, extravagant and fantastic. While walking on a cashmere carpet, she felt like just walking on a soft cloud.

Aaron opened the car door for her in person. Rita held Aaron's arm and said in a polite but detached tone, "Thank you."

He looked back at her and felt that she was very different now. Was it because she was injured?

"Does your legs still hurt?"

"Not any more."

Aaron's care for her made Rita feel at a loss. She pursed her lips and secretly looked up at him. Coincidentally, Aaron also looked down at her. Their eyes clashed in the air with complex emotions.

She remembered that on their blind date day, Aaron had asked her if she knew a woman. It was that woman who made her sleep with Aaro

n. But Rita couldn't remember any details about the woman. What was the relationship of Aaron with that woman? The new lover of Aaron?

Full of doubts, she wanted to ask, but stopped herself when thinking of what Wendy had told her. Wendy asked her to stay away from Aaron's affairs. So she chose to not bother to ask more.

Wait, when did she become so interested in the private life of Aaron? Why did she care about Aaron's lover? Did it have something to do with her how many lovers he had?

While she was struggling with her mind, the elevator stopped and Aaron took her into the private room.

The private room was big enough to accommodate dozens of people. The delicate dishes were placed on the table in order, with fragrant heat spreading. However, the atmosphere in this room was very strange, and there was a deathly silence around. No one made a sound, and the room was very quiet, and the footstep sounds of Rita and Aaron were very clear.

As soon as they appeared, people around all looked at them. The man sitting in the middle was his father, a renowned financial tycoon in the world—Lambert Leng. The elegant lady sitting next to Lambert must be Aaron's mother—Selena.

Aaron briefly introduced his parents to Rita. Rita greeted them politely. Then she saw a man in a suit sitting next to Lambert. That man narrowed his eyes and smiled gently. "This must be Miss Rita. A beautiful girl. You have a good taste, Aaron." This was Aaron's elder brother, Scott Leng.

Scott cast a meaningful glance at Aaron, smiling. "Why are you still standing? Sit down. Quick."

Next to Scott sat a young but also elegant woman, the wife of him—Sarah. She had been a famous star before. It was said that she had given birth to two babies in order to marry into the rich family, but both of the babies were daughters. Now she was in her thirties and still struggled to get pregnant. Her husband, Scott, often caused a lot of romantic affairs.

Rich family was not as simple as Rita thought.

There were only six people in this meal, and almost everyone was staring at Rita. Especially Selena. Without moving her eyes away, Selena asked, "How long have you known Aaron? Now you have already been engaged, but as elder members of the family, we don't know about it at all. How about inviting your parents to a tea some other day and discussing it?"

"Ahem," Lambert frowned and said lightly, "You don't have to worry about our children. Aaron wants to get married. That's his own business."

Selena looked at Lambert coldly. "It was you who arranged the blind date, and it was also you who choose the girls for him. I don't even have the right to say a word!"

"Rita is different from other girls," Aaron said indifferently, squinting his eyes. "I get along well with her. You don't need to concern anything about our marriage."

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