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   Chapter 7 Falling In Love With Each Other

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 3933

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Her body lost balance at that moment, and Rita was almost frightened to scream.

She was almost subconsciously nervous, bowing her legs in case that Aaron took a step closer.

"Don't move. Let me see." He patted her slightly on her knees, indicating her to relax. Seeing a deep bruise on her legs, he curled his lips and said, "It's such a big injury. Have you been beaten by someone?"

"Who dare beat me?" Rita rolled her eyes at him.

"It's normal that you are beaten," he said with an indifferent expression, and rubbed her knees with the medicated oil. Seeing that she was struggling, Aaron patted her knees and ordered, "Sit still. Don't move."

"Why is it normal for me to be beaten?" Rita couldn't believe what she just heard.

"If everyone knows that you are engaged to me, many of them will surely beat you up."

There was no emotion in the grim tone of Aaron. As soon as he finished his words, Rita was so angry that she even wanted to give him a slap on his head. But she restrained her impulse and sneered in a cold tone, "It seems that Mr. Aaron is popular among women."

"Isn't it?" Aaron raised his eyebrows.

Rita rolled her eyes upward.

When Aaron rubbed hard in the end, she screamed, "Hiss..."

"Does it hurt?" He put the medicated oil away and gently placed her legs on the sofa.

"Of course it hurts!" After saying that, she was about to stand up. Suddenly, she felt that Aaron was glancing her coldly.

"If it hurts, just sit still and don't move."

Rita did not want to continue the conversation with him. She looked away and scolded him thousands of times in her heart. 'This guy must have given orders often. How dare he command me?'

She didn't talk for a long time. Aaron handed her a glass of water. "How did you get hurt?"

"Today, Yvonne came to my house and shoved me to the ground when disputing with me."

Thinking of the face of Yvonne, Rita frowned. If it was not because of her brother Magee, s

he would definitely teach her a lesson.

The next second, Aaron understood what she meant. He asked with a smile, "Did she go there and bother you?"

"Or what? Inviting me to join her afternoon tea?" Rita sneered. "What else can she do besides bothering me?"

"So... you lost out?"

Rita reached out an index finger and shook it. "No, I torn her dress. It's her who suffered more losses."

"Your clothes are torn, too. You guys really fought violently." Somehow, Aaron felt it funny.

Rita stood up from the sofa, but before she could stand firm, she staggered and sat down again.

He stretched out his hand and helped her up. Rita reluctantly put her hand on his. Just as she stood up, she felt that her body was clinging to Aaron. She even smelt his scent and felt his breath.

"Why do you get so close to me?" Aaron asked in a low, gentle voice, flirting with her. "You have a crush on me?"

"What?" Rita thought that she misheard his words and asked, "What did you say? Speak it louder!"

"I said you have a crush on me."

"Mr. Aaron, don't flatter yourself." Rita pushed him away and limped forward. She seemed to have sensed the intimate and ambiguous atmosphere in the air. Could it be possible if... she and Aaron fell in love with each other?

"Come to my home for dinner later," he said this abruptly.

Meeting his parents? So soon? She was not ready and she was injured today. She looked at the wound in her knees and said helplessly, "Maybe another day. I'm so lame now. How can I go?"

Aaron looked at her up and down and pouted. "I'll take you to buy a dress to cover the wound so that no one will see the injury."

She was speechless. Before she could say more to stop him, Aaron turned to Wendy and asked her to book a table for dinner.

Suddenly, he spoke to Wendy again, "Take her to buy some clothes now."

Looking at Rita, Wendy asked with a faint smile, "Master Aaron, won't you go shopping with Miss Rita?"

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