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   Chapter 6 Rita Is A Tough Nut To Crack

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6482

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Except for Magee, the Jiang family members did not have the conscience, especially Yvonne. She was really an ungrateful person.

"Rita, how can you hook up with Aaron? Do you know that he will be my boyfriend in the near future?" asked Yvonne with anger.

"Will be? Then not for the moment." Rita raised her eyebrows and said, "He's not your boyfriend, then why do you think you are qualified to say this to me?"

"You..." Pointing at Rita's nose, Yvonne yelled, "Do you know how much energy I have spent to get to know Aaron? How much time and efforts! Now look at you! You've all messed it up!"

Seeing this, Grace came to them and said, "Rita and Mr. Aaron are in love with each other. It's their conjugal fate."

"Don't touch me!" Yvonne pushed Grace, and continued, Do you know how expensive my clothes are? You are not qualified to touch it!"

In order not to let her mother fall down, Rita held Grace's arm and gave Yvonne a black look. "I don't think you are qualified to be in my house. Get out of here!"

"The land of your family is really damaging to my identity. You can't even hire a servant," said Yvonne as she looked around, with a sarcastic smile on her face. "How dare you hook up with Aaron? Do you have the right to attach to the Leng family? Look at yourself! It's a disgrace that my brother is willing to talk to you! Rita, how dare you go to last night's banquet! Look at you, you are so ugly that make a fool of yourself. How dare you go to that kind of upper class banquet! Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you are qualified enough!"

Rita was not provoked at all by Yvonne's words, but her parents trembled with anger. They raised their daughter so hard. How could she be insulted like this?

"Watch your mouth!" Jack rushed over and spoke for Rita. "How could Mark teach such an impolite daughter like you?"

"I am impolite? Then you mean that Rita is polite! Bitch, seducing other's boyfriend."

"You..." Jack was so angry that blue veins stood out on his face. Rita quickly pulled him back and helped her parents sit down.

"You said Aaron is your boyfriend. Did he ever admit it? Or have you really dated? I think he doesn't like you," Rita knew what's the most painful point of Yvonne, so she spoke it out. "Even with all your effort, you still can't hook up with him. I feel sorry for you. Yvonne, you call yourself prince charming reaper. Who do you think you are? Tell me how many of your ex-boyfriends have remarkable achievement? They are just some unknown stars, playing with you. You want to marry into a rich family while young. Who do you think you are? Why should a rich family accept you as a bride?"

Enraged by the words, Yvonne rushed forward and pushed Rita to the ground. Unexpectedly, Rita fell down, her legs just hit the chair.

Grace held the hand of Yvonne to stop her. Rita glanced at Yvonne coldly. Then she got up and dragged the collar of Yvonne's dress, ripping it a little. "What an expensive dress! What a waste to put it on you!"

"Rita! You pay me for my clothes!" Yvonne sobbed, pointing to the Gu family of three, and shouted, "You... You're ganging up on me!"

As soon as she stopped shouting, there was a knock on the door.


opened the door immediately and saw a man in a suit standing at the door. He smiled politely to Grace and said, "Good evening, Mrs. Gu. I am Master Magee's driver. Master Magee just returned home and he knew that Miss Yvonne is here, so he asked me to pick her home."

Hearing that, Yvonne's face turned pale. She said nothing and rushed out angrily, holding her bag.

All three people in the Gu family were hurt deeply by this incident.

Seeing Rita sitting on the sofa, Grace was worried about her mood, so she comforted her daughter at once, "Don't take her words to heart."

"Mom, I won't," Rita came up smiling and comforted her mother in turn. "I won't haggle with such kind of person. If it weren't for the sake of Magee, I would have taught her a lesson."

Jack heaved a long sigh and said, "To be honest, the Jiang family is also a big family. How could they teach a daughter like that?" He went towards his daughter, feeling guilty and distressed. "It's all my fault. If I had run the company well, people would not judge you, my daughter."

"Dad," Rita held her parents' hands and smiled happily and breezily, continued, "It's okay. This kind of person is just jealous. Even if our family is powerful and wealthy now, there are still people gossiping about us. We don't need to care about other people's opinion."

She knew that she couldn't show any depression in front of her parents, or else they would feel sadder.

She had to be strong and withstand the pressure. The gossiping outside seemed to be desperate to drown her. She could do nothing about it, but she could only force herself to go on.

After a while, Aaron's servant came to pick up Rita, saying that she should go with Aaron to see their matrimonial house.

Hearing the news, Jack was full of expectation. He sent Rita onto the car, and the driver took her to a high-end villa area. It was located halfway around the mountain. The scenery was beautiful. The maple leaves on the mountain were as red as fire, like the clouds shining under sunlight.

In front of the door of a villa, Rita saw that Aaron was looking around to check the decoration of the house. Seeing her coming, he waved at her.

She walked up to him and frowned. She was not in a good mood. Aaron pointed to several decoration places and explained to her. When he saw a large bruise on her legs, he squinted coldly. "Who did it?"

he said in a low voice. Seeing her turning her head away in a hurry, Aaron frowned more tightly. He squatted down to see her wound.

There was a large part of bruise on her knees.

"I'm fine." She shifted her eyes to the sofa that had been set. The big house was several times larger than her own house, with three floors and enough space. There was also a big garden outside.

No wonder so many women stuck their heads out to marry into the wealthy families. The real life of the rich was unimaginable.

Rita signed in her heart. At this time, Aaron took the medicine box and squatted again in front of Rita. "Come here, I will apply some medicine on your wound."

"It's okay. I'll be fine in a minute. It doesn't hurt..."

Before she finished her words, she was suddenly lifted and then pressed onto the sofa by Aaron.

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