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   Chapter 4 Give Him A Hard Time

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4130

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Aaron's eyes were as deep as night, which were hard to read. He always had a smile on his lips. "Do you think I am joking?"

Shocked and stunned, Yvonne froze in place as if she had been slapped hard on her face. She looked at Aaron in panic. She had thought that today's banquet would be her chance to be closer to Aaron. Where did Rita come from? And when had she been engaged to him?

Rita frowned impatiently. Before she could react, her hand was held by Aaron and pulled into his arms.

"Is it strange?" Aaron drooped his head and looked down at her red face. With a hint of cunning, he held her tightly in his arms. "The banquet today is to announce our engagement."

"Aaron, have you been deceived?" Not to be outdone, Yvonne pointed to Rita and said, "She is my brother's girlfriend, how could she get engaged to you?"

"Magee and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend," Rita refuted, "Don't talk nonsense."

"Bah, you were childhood sweetheart. He must be your boyfriend." Yvonne's beautiful face was distorted with anger and squinted at her in a strange way. "You're really a bitch by going after both of them."

Rita was helpless. "You can say whatever you like."

At the moment, she was held tightly in the arms of Aaron, and her shoulders hurt. How scheming he was! He knew clearly Yvonne's purpose, but he intentionally embarrassed her in such an occasion.

Yvonne was so angry that she was shaking all over. The words she said to Rita just now, at this moment, was like nothing but a joke in the eyes of Aaron! She was like a little mouse being teased by him.

She fell from heaven to hell. She still couldn't believe that she was fooled by Aaron!

She shifted her hatred to Rita. It must be Rita who tried everything to seduce Aaron!

When Yvonne was boiling with rage, Rita was pulled to the center of the stage by Aaron, where she was the center of attention. She was so proud and glowing like when she was at her graduation ceremony and coming-of-age ceremony.

Aaron held her hand and asked secretly, "Are you nervous?"

"I am fine." She walked leisurely.

"You are not turning me down?"

Aaron's voice was full of tease and perplexity, and she even felt a sense of mockery. She discreetly glanced at him and smiled, "Well, in this case, can I say no? If I refuse, you will force my family into bankruptcy."

"You are a smart girl."

Rita couldn't figure it out. She just met him for three times. Why did Aaron decide to marry her? Was it because she was good at sex? Or was it because he thought that she would be a well behaved wife and a happy bride?

Was he thinking too much?

"Why me?" She finally asked, "You have a lot of women around you. You can have any kind of women you want. People come from families of equal social rank and powerful. You can choose whoever you want. Why me?"

Aaron held her hand to the center of the crowd and received other people's blessings politely and gently, as if he hadn't heard her words.

Why did he insist on marrying her even though Yvonne was perfect for him?

It was hard for Rita to imagine that she would get married to a man, who she had a sex with once, in such a short time of three days.

"I have told you that you are good in bed," Aaron whispered in her ear.

How she wished she could slap him right in the face right now.

Her face was so pale that she didn't even know how to smile politely to receive blessings from others. Like a toy played by Aaron, she only felt that her self-esteem was greatly insulted at this moment.

Rita turned to him and put her arms around his waist, leaning against him.

Her sudden approach made Aaron quite surprised. She leaned her coquettish face on his shoulder and her smile was quiet and treacherous. Her voice was very low, but was heard by people around. "You has not proposed yet."

The tone was coy, and there was a smile on her face, which was lovely and attractive.

She meant to let him propose in public.

Besides, there were so many people around them. It was not appropriate for him not to ask her to marry him.

Did she do it on purpose?

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