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   Chapter 433 why did you call Lily Kiana

Irrational But Obsessional By Chang Du Characters: 6268

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He didn't eat or sleep for a whole day and night. His nerves had been in a tense state. He was frightened and cried for a long time because of Kiana. Now he was exhausted.

Lying on Kevin's shoulder, Nicolas fell asleep.

Kevin lowered his head and found that Nicolas was asleep. he held him up and put him on the sofa. he asked the bodyguard to ask the nurse for a blanket and covered Nicolas.

After that, he looked down at his clothes. They were really in a mess, with bloodstains all over them. They were dry, and the color was dark red, which looked a little scary.

He called the housekeeper of the villa and asked him to bring some clothes and some toiletries.

He planned to stay in the hospital until Kiana woke up.

In such a situation, he really didn't dare to leave for fear that she would have any problem.

At the same time, Ethan had almost turned the whole city over, but there was still no news of Kiana. He was so anxious that he didn't know what to do and had no mood to go to the company.

Mrs. Jayda was also anxious. She would call him every few hours to ask if he had found Kiana, but every time she got a disappointed answer.

Ethan was almost exhausted. He hadn't slept much in the past two days.

Kiana's phone was still powered off. There was really nothing Ethan could do, so he had to go to the police station to report the case.

She came back with him and lived at his home. She disappeared because she went to the party with him.

Therefore, he was responsible for what happened to Kiana.

Sitting in the car, Ethan looked at the sky getting brighter. The morning sunlight covered the ground, and his temples were faintly painful. He could not help but lean on the steering wheel and close his eyes.

Kiana, where the hell are you?

Kevin stayed beside the bed for two days, and in these two days, Nicolas had been wit

Why did you lie to me on purpose? She is Lily. "

"I don't want to talk nonsense with you. I can't make it clear to you on the phone. Tell me where you are. I'm going to see you now." Ethan knew that no matter what he said, Kevin wouldn't believe him, so he stopped talking to him.

Kevin didn't want Ethan to come, but now it seemed that Ethan was the only person who knew what had happened to Lily in the past four years. It was good to see him, and maybe he could know something about the inside story.

He said coldly, "downtown hospital, VIP ward area 301. Come here."

"Hospital? Why was she in the hospital for no reason? What did you do to Kiana? " Ethan's face darkened.

Kevin didn't want to talk to him anymore and directly hung up the phone.

Hearing the ending sound on the phone, Ethan gritted his teeth and cursed in his heart. Then he immediately drove to the downtown hospital.

If Kevin really dared to do something to hurt Kiana, he would not let it go.

When he arrived at the hospital, he found the ward mentioned by Kevin. When he was about to enter, he was stopped by the bodyguards at the door.

Ethan said coldly, "Mr. Kevin asked me to come here."

Kevin heard his voice inside and shouted, "let him in."

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