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   Chapter 431 She Finally Came Back After Four Years

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Rhett saw the flaw in her move.

Rhett seized the opportunity and grabbed the knife from Kiana's hand and stabbed it into her lower abdomen when Kiana paid all her attention to Nicolas.

Kiana was stabbed unprepared. her expression froze and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Rhett shouted with a ferocious face, "go to hell, bitch!" He suddenly pulled out the knife, with bright red blood, dripping on the ground and spreading quickly.

"Mommy!" Nicolas rushed to her and held her up.

However, his thin body's strength was limited, and he still couldn't stop Kiana's falling body.

The pain in the wound made Kiana's face as white as paper. She bent over and lay on the ground, with one hand tightly covering the wound, but blood still flowed out from her fingers. Soon her light dress was dyed red.

When the thin man Gage saw this scene, he was shocked and trembled slightly.

They just wanted to kidnap and get some money from Kevin, but they had never thought of killing people. What should they do now?

They had never thought of killing anyone!

Others shouted in panic.

"What should we do? Is she dead?"

"She was stabbed in the stomach. She must have died, right?"

"she has lost so much blood. What should we do? Now, Kevin will not let us go! "

"Brother, why do you want to kill her? What should we do now? "

Rhett took a few deep breaths and couldn't help but shout at them when he heard their screaming, "stop it! Be quiet!"

Hearing his roar, everyone stopped making any sound and became quiet.

After all, he had just dared to stab that woman, and it was hard to guarantee that he would not stab them.

Like a lunatic, Nicolas kept covering Kiana's wound with his hand. The blood dyed his little hand red. He was so anxious that he cried, "what should we do? What should we do to stop the blood?"

Kiana's heart ached when she saw this. she forced a smile and said, "it's okay, kid. I'm fine."

"my name is not kid. My name is Nicolas." Nicol

las's little hand was full of blood, Kevin was stunned. Then he asked in a hurry, "Nikos, are you hurt?"

Nicolas shook his head and said, "it doesn't matter. All my wounds are minor. It doesn't matter. The most important thing now is that my mother will be fine."

"Sorry, Nikos. I didn't protect you and your mother well." Feeling guilty, Kevin held Nicolas's hand and felt guilty.

If he could find them as soon as possible, such a thing might not have happened.

When they arrived at the hospital, Kevin rushed into the hospital with Kiana in his arms.

The doctor was frightened by Kiana's blood all over. He hurriedly pushed the shopping cart over and sent Kiana into the operating room as soon as possible.

Standing in the corridor with his back against the wall, Kevin was panting heavily. Looking at the door of the operating room, he suddenly felt a sense of panic.

The scene was similar.

He hoped that she would be fine. She must be fine Four years had passed, and she finally came back. He finally met her again. He hadn't taken good care of her yet. How could she just leave like this?

Nicolas saw that Kevin's hands were trembling. He was stained with Kiana's blood and looked pale and embarrassed.

He couldn't help clenching Kevin's hand and said in a hoarse voice, "Dad, mom will be fine."

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