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   Chapter 430 Who Is This Woman

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6484

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Just as the bearded man Rhett pounced on her, Kiana's hands and feet could finally move.

She kicked Rhett away.

Rhett was not prepared for her at all. He thought she was just a powerless woman. Even if she shouted loudly, it was so easy that he could suppress her with one hand.

He didn't expect that she would suddenly kick him. But whether it was speed or strength, they were both very fierce. In an instant, she kicked him to the ground, causing him to feel pain all over his body.

The bearded man Rhett was stunned for a moment, and then quickly reacted. He stood up from the ground, covered the place where he was kicked, and glared at Kiana.

"Bitch, it turns out that you've practiced it. I've wondered why you were so arrogant just now. It turns out that you're just trying to goad me into action!"

With a sneer, Kiana moved her fingers and made a sound of crunching. Combined with her gloomy and terrible eyes, it made people feel a little scared.

"I'm trying to goad you into action. You've already known it, haven't you? You didn't take me seriously just now. Now you know you are afraid? "

The pent up anger and endurance were burning at this moment. Kiana felt a fire in her chest. She wanted to beat the man in front of her into a pile of meat mud.

"Are you ready? I have to pay you back a hundred times what you gave me before. " A weird and terrible smile appeared on Kiana's face.

Rhett was annoyed and said angrily, "do you think you can defeat me with a few moves of broken Taekwondo? Let me teach you a lesson! "

He rushed to Kiana and gave her a punch.

He threw a punch at her very quickly and with a gust of wind. It could be seen that Rhett was also a fighter.

But Kiana was trained by the famous killer's fighting teacher in the world, and her skills were much better than Rhett's. moreover, in her eyes, Rhett's punch was full of flaws.

Kiana dodged his fist easily and hit back,

s fine, Nicolas breathed a sigh of relief. He gritted his teeth and accelerated the speed of cutting the rope He must run to Kiana as fast as he could. He couldn't hold her back.

Gage stared at Kiana with his eyes wide open. Suddenly, he stood up and wanted to run to Nicolas.

"Don't move!" Seeing the action of Gage, Kiana roared, and the point of the knife pierced into Rhett's skin. "If you dare to move again, I'll kill him!"

Fresh red blood flowed down Rhett's neck. Gage was frightened to freeze in place. He didn't expect that Kiana was so brave.

Rhett knew that Kiana was a decisive woman and she would never hesitate when it was time to do it, so he shouted at those men, "Damn it! Stand still!"

They didn't expect that they would be threatened by a woman! their good mood was immediately ruined.

"Brother, what were you doing inside just now? How did it happen? "

"I don't know what to say."

Their faces were full of blame and complaint.

Kiana threatened Rhett and slowly moved towards Nicolas.

Soon, Nicolas cut off the rope and stood up from the ground. "Mommy!"

But his hands and feet were numb, and he fell down again soon.

When Kiana saw Nicolas's bloody hand, she thought he was injured. Panicked, she tried to pull him away and said, "kid!"

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