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   Chapter 428 Didn't Beat You Hard Enough

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"Mom, what are you thinking about?" Seeing that Kiana didn't say anything with a gloomy face, Nicolas couldn't help asking.

Kiana came to his senses and said listlessly, "nothing. Oh, by the way, I'm not your mother. Don't call me mom. You can call me aunt Kiana or sister Kiana. You can call me whatever you want. "

Looking at her with his black eyes, after a while, Nicolas still called, "Mommy."

"Don't you understand what I said? Or did you do it on purpose? " Kiana was speechless. She thought she had made it clear just now. Didn't this child recognize his mother?

He looked at Kiana without saying a word. His eyes suddenly turned red, and his pale face made him look very pitiful.

Seeing him like this, Kiana's heart softened in an instant, and at the same time, a sense of guilt surged up in her heart.

"Well, you can call me whatever you like, okay? I won't correct you. Don't cry. " In the end, Kiana surrendered.

In the past, no child could make her yield. Those children didn't dare to approach her when they saw her cold face, but this child was different.

Kiana looked at him and sighed. Suddenly, she wanted to touch his head, but her hands were tied up.

"Are you afraid?" She asked softly.

Nicolas shook his head.

Kiana was a little surprised, "not afraid? Why aren't you afraid? "

Looking at her silence, Nicolas said seriously, "because my mother is with me."

Hearing that, Kiana's heart softened at once. She was defeated by him. With such a delicate and lovely face, it was difficult to refuse him and say harsh words to him.

"Well, don't worry. I just heard the kidnappers call your father. He should come to save you soon." Kiana comforted him.

"he will help us out." Nicolas corrected her seriously.

But Kiana didn't think so. She was neither relative nor friend to them. It was really a question whether they would save her or not.

But it didn't matter if he didn't sa

ed the bearded man Rhett and slapped on Nicolas's face.

Seeing that Nicolas was beaten, Kiana also went crazy. She shouted at Rhett angrily, "if you have the ability, just come at me. What's the ability to bully a child? Are you a human being to beat a weak child who has no power to fight back? "

"Shut up!" The bearded man Rhett roared and slapped Kiana in the face again.

Both sides of Kiana's face were swollen, and there were clear palm marks on it. She felt that her face became numb and uncomfortable.

The smell of blood spread from her mouth, and a bloodstain slid down the corner of her mouth.

Kiana gritted her teeth and stared at Rhett fiercely.

Seeing that Kiana was beaten again, Nicolas's eyes turned red. He struggled and asked Kiana in a choked voice, "Mom, are you okay? Don't touch my mother! Mom... "

Seeing that he was so nervous and worried about her, Kiana couldn't help but feel a little touching. She looked at his red and swollen face and quickly said, "I'm fine. I'm fine. Don't worry. It doesn't hurt at all."

Suddenly, Kiana's chin was tightly pinched, and she was forced to turn her head around by Rhett. her cold and angry eyes made him sneer.

"Oh? Is it? It doesn't hurt at all? It seems that I didn't beat you hard enough just now. "

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