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   Chapter 427 Shameless

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6318

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Kevin didn't know how to express his feelings.

It was like a land that had been dry for a long time and suddenly received rain. No one else could understand this feeling.

Kevin felt his long lost heartbeat, and his heart was beating heavily in his chest, as if all hope had come back.

The kidnapper called again and sneered, "Mr. Kevin, do you remember who this woman is?"

"Don't hurt her. You can put forward any conditions, but if you dare to hurt her a little, I won't let you go." Kevin threatened coldly.

Last time he didn't protect her well, this time he would never do that again.

This time, he must protect her well and not let her suffer any harm.

His hands were trembling slightly. He felt that this was a chance that God had given him a new one.

Hearing that, the kidnapper sneered and looked at the man next to him. He gave a thumbs up and said, "no problem. As long as Mr. Kevin has prepared the ransom, we promise not to hurt her."

Kevin calmly asked, "how much do you want?"

"Not much, eighty million, and forty million for a person. Is it worth it? What's more, these two people, one is your woman, and the other is your son. We have already asked a very low price. This little money should not be a big deal for Mr. Kevin, right? "

Kevin agreed without hesitation, "I promise you. I'll give you eighty million. Don't hurt them, but you have to give me time to raise money."

The kidnapper said carelessly, "I know you rich people, you won't keep your money in the bank, you are all invested everywhere, it is indeed a bit difficult to prepare that much liquidity at once, I understand, we are not unkind, just give you two days, after two days, if you still haven't gotten it done, then we are sorry to do something you don't like. "

"Okay, just two days. But you have to promise me that you won't hurt them in these two days. Otherwise, I

hed and said, "we were kidnapped. I don't know where we are now."

These kidnappers must have come for the child. Judging from the child's appearance and clothes, he should be from a rich family.

Besides, the kidnapper just mentioned her man. He should have mistaken her for the child's mother.

Thinking that she was kidnapped by several gangsters, Kiana felt extremely embarrassed. If her former teacher knew it, he would definitely laugh at her.

It was all because of this child that she did not react at that time and did not pass out at once.

If they fought in a dignified manner, these people would not be her opponents even if they fought together.

Kiana frowned and moved her hands and feet. The rope was so tight that she felt her blood was blocked and her hands and feet numb.

She looked around the room to see if there was anything sharp that could make her cut the rope, but it was a pity that there was not.

It seemed that it was difficult to escape from the current situation.

Although the kidnappers wouldn't hurt them temporarily because of the ransom, they didn't know if the child's father would come to save them.

Maybe they would just save the child and leave her alone.

What a bad luck! What happened to her?

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