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   Chapter 307 Something Is Wrong

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Come and sit down. I have a lot of things to ask you." Mrs. Ling sat down on the sofa, smiled at Lydia and patted the seat beside her.

Lydia had no choice but to walk over and sit down. She put the milk on the table and asked, "what do you want to ask me?"

"I'm relieved to see that you and Kevin love each other so much. I just hope that you can live a happy life. I don't expect anything else." Mrs. Ling looked at her thoughtfully. "I can see that you like Kevin very much, but does he really like you?"

Lydia was wondering what she was going to ask her, and felt nervous. She didn't expect that she would ask something related to Kevin.

She smiled and looked at Mrs. Ling helplessly. "Mom, what are you thinking about? Of course he likes me. Otherwise, how could he agree to be engaged to me?"

Mrs. Ling said worriedly, "I'm worried that you might be cheated. There are too many benefits involved in the marriage of the rich. I'm afraid that you'll be deceived by your own feelings, and you won't be able to see whether he really treats you well or not."

Although Mrs. Qin had promised that Kevin would never have anything to do with his ex-wife, Mrs. Ling was still worried.

She was worried about her daughter.

"How could it be? Can't I see whether he is really good to me or not? Mom, don't worry. He is very good to me. Don't worry about me." Lydia comforted Mrs. Ling with a smile.

Mrs. Ling looked at her lovingly. "You'd better keep an eye on yourself. Don't trust a person too much, or you will suffer losses."

Mrs. Ling stretched out her hand and gently brushed her long hair on her shoulder. But when she saw her fair shoulder, she was stunned.

"I remember that you had a mole on your shoulder before. Why is it gone now?" Mrs. Ling asked curiously.

Lydia's heart sank. She smiled and said, "no, I didn't. did you make a mistake? I have never had a mole here."

"Really?" Mrs. Ling frowned and tried to recall.

Afraid of being discovered by her, Lydia smiled and said, "well, don't worry. G

ple despised Mrs. Gu and thought she was just a woman who relied on men to get the position.

But that night, Mrs. Gu wore a cheongsam and the jewelry designed by Lily's company. She was shining and charming, bringing her elegance and dignity to the extreme.

Even as a woman, Lily had to admire Mrs. Gu's charm.

Mrs. Gu was really charming. It was not surprising that Mr. Gu would be infatuated with such a woman.

Strangely enough, Mrs. Gu's husband, Ethan's father, didn't appear at her birthday party.

This became the reason why many rich ladies were jealous of Mrs. Gu and secretly mocked her for not being favoured by Mr. Gu.

Lily remembered that she had been to the Gu family's house for two times, but she hadn't seen Mr. Gu either. She was wondering what was going on? She looked at Mrs. Gu and Ethan thoughtfully, with some meaning in her eyes.

There were some noble ladies who disliked Mrs. Gu, and of course there were also some who flattered her. Mrs. Gu was surrounded by a group of flatterers.

They praised Mrs. Gu's hair, makeup, cheongsam and the jewelry she wore most.

Mrs. Gu saw Lily and waved at her with a smile.

Lily had no choice but to walk over with Walter.

Mrs. Gu held the hand of Lily and said to those noble ladies with a smile, "the jewelry I'm wearing is designed by the people of Lily's company."

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