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   Chapter 303 A Tough Battle

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Lily replied politely, "my mother's name is Holly. She is not in good health and lives abroad now."

"Oh, I see." Mrs. Gu looked a little disappointed. She paused and asked, "don't you really consider to develop a relationship with my son?"

This time, before Lily could say anything, Ethan looked at Mrs. Gu helplessly and said, "Mom, are you afraid that your son can't find a wife?"

"What are you talking about?" Mrs. Gu looked at him with amusement and said, "I think Miss Wen is a good girl and she is a good match for you. Besides, you seem to like her very much..."

He got panic and coughed. Lily was choked and explained hurriedly, "Mrs. Gu, you misunderstood. Mr. Gu and I are just business partners. In fact, we are not very familiar with each other."

"Well, it doesn't matter. You'll get more familiar with each other." Mrs. Gu said with a smile.

Lily was embarrassed. Now Mrs. Gu's enthusiasm had turned into pressure for her. She couldn't even have a good meal.

Mrs. Gu told Lily a lot about Ethan's childhood. Lily could only show an embarrassed and impolite smile. While listening, she gave a hint to Ethan with her eyes.

But he pretended not to see her and ignored her begging for help.

It seemed that Mrs. Gu really wanted Lily to be with Ethan. Was it just because she looked like her old friend?

After the meal, Lily breathed a sigh of relief and immediately said with a smile, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Gu. I have something to deal with in the company, so I have to go now."

Mrs. Gu didn't want to waste her time. She said hurriedly, "Okay, you'd better go back now. Don't call me Mrs. Gu as an outsider. Just call me aunt from now on."

"Okay, thank you, auntie." Lily smiled.

Mrs. Gu thought of something and said to Ethan, "send Miss Wen home as soon as possible."

Lily hurriedly waved her hand and said, "no, aunt. My assistant is waiting outside. I can take her car back..."

"It doesn't mat

ntroduced him to me. I only know that he grew up abroad. As for other information, I don't know either." Lily said vaguely.

Noticing that Lily didn't want to say anything more, he didn't believe that Lily didn't know the background of Walter. After all, he always followed Lily like a shadow.

With his sharp eyes, cold expression and vigilance, it was not too much to say that he was a professional assassin.

It was impossible for her not to know his background since she could entrust her life to him.

"The design competition has already begun. Ask your team to prepare the works for the competition." Ethan reminded her.

"So soon? Didn't you say that it would start next month? " Lily asked in confusion.

"The final will be held next month. The first round has begun now. It's impossible to only compete for one round. There are too many companies participating, both at home and abroad. We have to select the best works from them." Ethan explained to her.

"Thank you for your remind. I'll ask my people to be prepared." Lily nodded. It seemed that the real battle was coming.

If their company could win the competition this time and suppress a group of well-known companies, wouldn't they afraid to get no reputation?

At that time, everyone would know their brand.

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