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   Chapter 296 Cooperate With The Gu Group

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On the second day, Lily went to the Gu Group to negotiate with Ethan with the information of the new brand.

The Gu Group had a lot of business, but they were mainly responsible for receiving various business shows. The Gu Group almost took part in every domestic show whether it is large or small.

All kinds of international shows and famous art shows were held by the Gu Group.

It was not until Lily checked the information that she understood why Ethan wanted to cooperate with her. It was because that the Gu Group would hold a grand jewelry exhibition at home and abroad next month.

This jewelry exhibition was held last year and it was a great success. The media paid close attention to it, and many new and outstanding brands emerged.

It would be a good choice to attend the jewelry exhibition of the Gu Group if she wanted to establish the brand's reputation.

However, it was not easy to attend the jewelry exhibition of the Gu Group.

The Gu Group will hold a jewelry design competition. The top thirty works will get the opportunity to participate in the exhibition. The works of the top three will get the best exhibition location, and the recommendation of the professional jewelry magazine of the Gu Group. The rewards was very attractive.

Different from other jewelry design competitions, the design competition here was held in the name of the company, not in the name of a person, so each company could send a design team.

In Lily's opinion, this was a good opportunity to spread the brand's reputation. If the Yao Group could win the championship of the design competition, then it would have a place in the jewelry industry from then on.

Previously, the Yao Group had always been focusing on the middle and low-end business. The new brand Hibiscus built by Lily was high-end.

Hibiscus was the key for Yao Group to the transform into the high-end path. If she succeeded, the Yao Group would usher in a prosperous scene that had never been seen before.

Lily had prepared the information of her new brand Hibiscus well. After entering Ethan's offi

take it seriously.

He felt that as long as they cooperated a few more times, this kind of vigilance would naturally disappear.

After lunch, Lily said goodbye to Ethan and went back to the company.

She took the business card given by Ethan and looked at it for a long time. Then she dialed the number above and called Mrs. Gu.

She had thought that a rich lady like Mrs. Gu must be mean, picky, eccentric and difficult to get along with, but she did not expect that Mrs. Gu was unexpectedly kind.

"Are you miss Wen? Ethan had told me that he found a designer and designed a set of jewelry for me. I have told him that I don't want it. This child insisted. I really can't persuade him." Mrs. Gu said in a doting tone.

With a smile, Lily said, "Mr. Gu is also a filial son. He hopes you can have a happy birthday. What requirements do you have for jewelry design?"

Mrs. Gu smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. You can design it in your way. I don't have any special requirements. You can provide several sets of plans for me to choose first."

After a pause, she added, "by the way, it's better for people at my age to be calm, generous and simple. I don't need those fancy styles."

"No problem. How about a week later? I'll bring the design to you in person. What do you think?" Asked Lily.

Mrs. Gu said, "no problem. You can call me then. I'll tell you the address."

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