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   Chapter 295 A Mysterious Man

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6205

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After washing her face and calming herself down, Lily came out.

A tall man in a suit walked towards her. His angular face, deep eye sockets and the color of his pupils showed that he was a hybrid.

Surprised by his handsome face, Lily quickly looked away.

When the two passed by each other, the man hit her.

Lily stopped. The pain in her shoulder made her frown slightly. She turned to look at the man.

"I'm sorry." The man smiled. Although he apologized, there was no guilt on his face.

The man didn't stay and left soon.

Lily didn't pay much attention to it. When she looked away and was about to leave, she suddenly saw Walter walking towards her in a hurry.

"What's wrong?" Lily stopped him in confusion.

"Have you seen a tall man looks like a western people walk by just now?"

"Yes, I did." Lily nodded and pointed to the direction of the stairs at the end of the corridor. "He just went there."

Hearing this, Walter didn't have time to explain to Lily and immediately ran after that man.

"What's wrong?" Lily asked hurriedly, but Walter quickly disappeared at the stairway.

It suddenly occurred to Lily that Walter had told her that seeing a familiar person in the bar might have something to do with his past. Was it this man?

She was a little worried about Walter and couldn't help but follow him.

Walter followed that man down the stairs all the way to the back garden of the hotel. He looked around but didn't find anyone.

Of course, it was very likely that the man was hiding in a dark corner.

He lost track of him again.

Walter frowned.

This time, he was sure that the man knew him and even has fun with him deliberately. Every time he appeared in front of him on purpose, and when he chased after him, he quickly left.

It was like a game of cat chasing mouse. He chased after him, but he di

react and said, "I don't remember what happened in the past, but we are in the same place now. You can ask anyone about the rumors of the Gu Family."

"What happened to the Gu family?" Lily asked with great interest.

"Ethan used to have three brothers. It was not his turn to inherit the Gu Group, but later his three brothers all died one after another." Speaking of this, Drew sneered, "You should understand when you hear this, right? Don't be deceived by his disguise. He is not a good man. "

"Are you suspecting that Ethan killed all three of his brothers by himself?" Lily asked with a serious look.

Drew shrugged and said, "Who knows? But he grew up in such a complicated family. Is it possible to say that he is pure and innocent? Things in the rich family are dirtier than you think. "

Judging from Ethan's gentle and friendly image, it didn't seem that he would do such a thing. But just as Drew said, who knew these things?

"I'm just talking business with him. I won't be too close to him. It shouldn't be a big problem." Lily said.

Drew reminded her, "Anyway, it's always right to be careful. Pay more attention to yourself. Don't be fooled by him."

Lily smiled and said, "thank you for your warning."

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