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   Chapter 289 Suspicious

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Looking at the night, Drew shook his head and said, "it's too late. Let me drive you back."

Thinking that Drew would go to the company tomorrow, Lily nodded and said, "okay."

On the way back, Lily felt a little guilty. It seemed that she didn't comfort Drew, nor did she give him any care. She even let him fight for her.

The car stopped in front of the gate of Lily's house. After hesitating for a while, she said to Drew, "don't be too sad about your father's matter. Natural and man-made disasters can't be avoided. Now the most important thing is..."

"It's not a natural or man-made disaster." Drew interrupted her.

Lily stunned. "What?"

"It's not a natural or man-made disaster." Drew repeated in a determined tone, "my father was murdered. The car accident was just a disguise."

Lily widened her eyes in surprise. "Are you telling the truth? But I heard that the police have confirmed that your father died in a car accident?"

Drew looked at the night in front of him expressionlessly, "the scene was forged perfectly without any other evidence, but I know that it must not be a car accident."

He had an indescribable feeling in his heart. He was a little irritable and could not tell what it was, but he had a premonition that his father did not die in a car accident.

As long as he was given more time, he would definitely find out the real cause of his father's death.

Lily really thought that it was caused by a car accident, but she didn't expect that Mr. Ling was murdered and the murderer concealed the truth in the car accident.

But judging from the fact that Drew had been attacked before, it didn't seem to be surprising. The person behind all of these seemed to come for the Ling Family. Wouldn't it be very dangerous for Drew now?

Lily looked at Drew worriedly, "Drew, now you..."

Seeing the worry in Lily's eyes, Drew smiled faintly and said, "don't worry. I won't let anything happen to myself. I will be more careful and must find out the person

figure standing by the window of a room on the second floor.

The figure seemed to have noticed his gaze and quickly disappeared from the window.

Drew frowned. Thinking of what Lily had said to him, his eyes became sharp.

He opened the door and got out of the car. When he was about to enter the room, the butler suddenly walked up to Drew and whispered to him, "Mr. Drew, I have something to tell you. Can you come here for a while?"

The butler was so mysterious that Drew had an intuition that what he was going to say might be very secret, so he nodded and followed him to a corner.

"Mr. Drew, in fact, Mr. Ling came back home on the day when he had a car accident." The butler hesitated for a moment and whispered to Drew.

"He had been back home that day?" Drew frowned, "since he came back, why did he go out later?"

The butler shook his head and said, "I don't know. I only saw Mr. Ling come back, but I didn't see him go out. So when I knew that Mr. Ling had a car accident, I also felt strange."

After a pause, he lowered his voice and said, "besides, Miss Lydia is also here. I vaguely heard that she had a quarrel with Mr. Ling that day."

Sure enough, there was a big problem with this Lydia.

A hint of coldness flashed through Drew's eyes. He asked, "you didn't mention it to anyone, did you?"

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