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   Chapter 288 Asking For Help

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With an excuse of going to the bathroom, Lily left her seat and walked towards the familiar figure.

Although the light in the bar was dim, Lily still clearly saw that it was Lois. She was wearing a tight dress and her face was very red. It seemed that she was drunk and pulled with a man.

Lily didn't know why she walked over. She thought that something might have happened to Lois, but what did it have to do with her?

When she was about to walk to the front of Lois, she stopped and felt that she'd better not meddle in it. When she was about to turn around and leave, Lois found Lily.

She immediately grabbed Lily's arm, and her nails were deep into her flesh. The pain made Lily frown. She looked at Lois and asked, "what are you doing?"

The middle-aged man, who was pulling with Lois, came over and grabbed Lois's hand. With an obscene smile on his face, he said, "Miss Bai, where are you going? It's still early."

With red eyes, Lois stared at her fiercely, as if asking for help.

Lily looked at her in surprise. She didn't expect that Lois would turn to her for help one day. Didn't she hate her to the core?

She glanced at the middle-aged man. Seeing that Lily was good-looking, the middle-aged man looked at her up and down greedily. "Your friend? Let's play together!"

"Sir, I'm sorry. I'm her friend. She's drunk. I'm taking her back now." She grabbed Lois's hand and was about to take her away.

"Why do you leave so easily?" The middle-aged man showed dissatisfaction and stood in front of them. "Miss Bai is here to drink with us tonight. What should we do if you take her away like this?"

Lily frowned and said, "why don't you ask someone else to accompany you?"

This man's eyes made her feel disgusted. She could tell at a glance that he was not a good man.

She felt that the weight of Lois's whole body was pressed on her. Thinking that she must have been drugged, she was more a

scolded, "you wait and see! I won't let it go so easily!"

Realizing that he couldn't defeat them at the moment, the middle-aged man cursed and left.

At this moment, Lois had completely lost consciousness. She leaned against Lily, who was almost unable to hold her. She looked tired.

Frowning, Drew came over and took Lois from Lily's hand. "So you didn't go to the bathroom, but because you saw her just now?"

"I saw her in trouble, so I came over." Lily felt helpless. She didn't expect that Lois really got into trouble.

Who is Lois? According to her past temper, how could she allow those bad men to touch her?

"Then what should we do now?" Drew glanced at Lois.

After thinking for a while, Lily said, "let's send her to the hotel nearby." After all, she didn't know the address of Lois's home, nor did she know her friends. This was the only way.

She checked in a hotel nearby with her ID card, helped her in and left.

She had done everything she could to help her. Since Lois had hurt her for so many times, it was very lucky for her that she helped her.

"I'm sorry. I came out to drink with you, but you helped me." Standing at the door of the hotel, Lily looked at Drew with some guilt, "how about we find another place to have a few more drinks?"

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