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   Chapter 282 A Huge Change

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6878

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At one o'clock in the morning, there was a serious car accident on the border near the countryside.

The reason of the car accident had not been found out yet. A black car collided with a minibus, and two people in the black car died on the spot. Then because of the explosion of the oil tank, the two corpses were burned hardly and barely to recognized.

The driver of the minibus was badly injured and in a coma.

The tragic accident attracted lots of reporters, temporarily overshadowing the news about Tim's car accident.

When the police announced the name list of the people who died in the car accident, it caused a great topic on the Internet.

The police confirmed that the two people who died in the car accident were Carl Ling, who is one of the Ling Family, the master of the Ling Group and the other was his driver.

That night, Mrs. Ling accompanied Drew in the hospital. When she received a call from the police, she was stunned. Then her eyes turned red, and her mobile phone fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Drew was awakened by the noise. When he saw Mrs. Ling's red eyes, he asked with a serious look, "Mom? What happened? "

"Drew." With her lips trembling, Mrs. Ling sobbed, "something happened to your father..."

Drew was stunned.

Accompanied by Drew, Mrs. Ling went to the police station to claim the corpse.

Drew hadn't recovered yet, but in this case, he couldn't care too much. He was worried about leaving Mrs. Ling alone, because she looked in deeply painful.

Her son had a car accident and had still stay in the hospital. As a result, her husband had an accident and died. The continuous blow almost broke Mrs. Ling.

With the help of Drew, she went to the police station and she saw they put the corpse in the autopsy room.

The dead body was burned beyond recognition, and there were many burns all over his body. The police only knew the identity of the dead through DNA test.

The smell in the autopsy room was pungent. Seeing the corpse covered with white cloth, Mrs. Ling's legs becam

to say.

"Shall we go together?" Drew asked.

"Okay," Lily replied.

The two of them left the hospital together. Looking at his pale face, Lily couldn't help but persuade him, "don't push too hard to yourself. The Ling Group is a big company, and there won't be any problem in a short time. Besides, your brother is also here."

"You don't know. The Ling Group is in a mess now. Someone must go back and preside over the overall situation." Drew took a look at her with deep eyes and suddenly asked, "Can you give me your phone number? I hope we can see each other next time. "

"Okay." Lily quickly took out a business card and gave it to him. "There is my private number on it."

"I will keep it well. Bye." Drew put the business card on his lips and kissed it. Then he opened the door and got on the car.

Surprised, Lily watched the car drive away. She felt that Drew seemed to be different. Was this what he looked like before?

Standing behind Lily, Walter frowned and looked at the direction of the car leaving, with a little displeasure on her face. "It's time for us to go back to the company."

"Let's go." Then Lily turned around and left with Walter.

Although she was eager to talk to Drew about the real estate store, she didn't want to make trouble for him at this time because the Ling Group must have a lot of things to deal with now.

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