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   Chapter 278 An Unexpected Change

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 7101

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Because of the accident of the crystal chandelier falling last time, the manager came up to Lily in fear and promised that all the facilities and layout were fine this time.

The manager must have read the news on the Internet, knowing that Tim would come today and gather a large number of reporters. If something went wrong at this time, the hotel's reputation would definitely be irreparable.

At the same time, the press conference held by Lois was about to start.

Due to the disturbance on the Internet, many reporters would be present today. But what Lois hoped most at the moment was that something could happen to Tim and he would not be able to attend.

But who knew if something bad would happen to Tim? After all, it was a matter of probability.

Looking at the hotel where Lily held the press conference, Lois sneered.

The press conference was about to start.

The press conference started at three o'clock in the afternoon and was expected to end in two hours.

Tim finished his work in the morning and had lunch. After a break, he began to change his clothes and make up, preparing to attend the press conference in the afternoon.

Seeing that it was almost time, he got on the car and went to the hotel to attend the press conference.

Tim's nanny van was highly recognizable, because it had been exposed many times in the cameras of reporters and fans, so many people knew the license plate number of his nanny van.

The driver was driving in the front, and the assistant was sitting in the passenger seat. On the back seat were Tim and his agent.

His agent was still on the phone. There were many reporters called him to confirm if Tim would come to the press conference.

The agent told the reporters over and over again that Tim would come to the press conference. At last, Tim was so impatient that he snatched the agent's phone and turned it off.

"Why are you talking so much nonsense with those people? It's a waste of time. When we arrive at the scene, they will know whether I'm coming or not." Tim said lazily.

The agent reminded him cautiously, "you have to pay attenti

Internet. Look, it was a truck crash. From the pictures spreading online, the scene is very miserable."

Hua Yue clicked on the video online and showed it to Lily.

Lily saw a big truck hit towards Tim's nanny van at a very fast speed, and the nanny van crashed out of the road and was installed on a big tree.

The front of the nanny van had been sunken and deformed, and the glass window had been broken. Moreover, the scene was in a mess, it seemed that he was seriously injured.

Lily wanted to go to the hospital to see how Tim was doing, but she couldn't get rid of it now. She had to be responsible for the press conference, so she asked Hua Yue to go to the hospital.

Although most of the media had left, some of them were still attracted by the jewelry design. In addition, the theme design of the whole jewelry was very good.

Many fashion media, who had originally been just interested in watching the fun, were more interested in the launch event after seeing the works displayed by the models.

Lily was glad that the press conference didn't fail at all. Otherwise, she would be in big trouble.

Lily opened her phone and glanced at micro-blog. Micro-blog had been completely paralyzed because of the news that Tim had a car accident.

She saw the latest report. It was said that the driver died on the spot, and the assistant sitting on the passenger seat was also being rescued now.

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