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   Chapter 259 You Are Not Lydia

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6728

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Since he found out that his third sister were not his real sister, Drew had sent someone to secretly investigate the situation of Lydia when she was studying abroad.

He didn't tell anyone about it for the time being. He didn't dare to tell his parents because he was afraid that they couldn't bear this. His brother was working oversea. He didn't want to disturb him before he found out the result.

It was just his assumption before. He felt that his third sister had changed. He didn't expect that it was real not her. The reality was ridiculous and ironic.

In addition, he to sending people to investigate her background, Drew also sent people to monitor Lydia secretly. In case, she sensed something and escaped.

Lydia did sense it, but she still had a task to complete, so she couldn't escape.

The man asked Lydia to meet him, so she shook off the bodyguards who followed her and went to the hotel room the man told her.

It was dark in the room. As soon as she entered, she was hugged from behind. She couldn't help turning around and passionately kissed the man's lips. "Baby..."

The man's hands got into her clothes without saying anything. He held her then fell on the bed.

The pant in the room did not stop for a long time, and a taste of lust spread in the air.

Lying in the man's arms, Lydia kissed on his lip.

This man's lips were very thin. She heard that the man with thin lips was emotionless. She didn't believe it before, but now it seemed to be true.

Indeed, he had always been coldly and ruthless. His heart was like a stone. No one could make him be touched.

The man turned his head and avoided her kiss.

Lydia looked him disappointed, but soon she returned to calm. She quietly lay in his arms and enjoyed the warmth and peace of this moment.

The man handed her a document and said in a hoarse and lazy voice, "give this document to him."

Lydia took the document, and the man got out of bed without hesitation and walked into the bathroom. The sound of

vin came to the garden with Lydia, shook off her hand impatiently, and said coldly, "what on earth do you want to say to me? Besides, what does my father's death have to do with you? "

"How could it have nothing to do with me? You are my fiance and your father will be my father in the future. I got some information by accident. If I don't tell you, I will feel guilty. "

Lydia said seriously, took out a document from her bag and handed it to him. With a meaningful smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "If you still insist on cancel off the engagement with me after reading this, I have nothing to say."

Kevin glanced at her coldly and took the document roughly. After opening it and reading it quickly, his face suddenly darkened.

"What do you think?" Lydia smiled, "I don't think you would be surprised about this? After all, you suspected her before, but later you were blinded by love, so you gave up the suspicion in your heart. "

All of a sudden, Kevin grabbed her by the throat and asked in a cold voice, "Where did you get this document?"

Lydia's eyes widened. She didn't expect this to be Kevin's first reaction after reading the document.

She tried hard to break away from Kevin's hand and said, "Let me go I... "

With the hateful look in his eyes, Kevin said in a cold voice, "you are not Lydia."

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