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   Chapter 258 For Revenge

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Hua Yue brought in the documents that needed to be signed and told her something happened in the business world.

"Ms. Wen, do you know that the ZS Real Estate went bankrupt overnight?" Hua Yue asked.

"ZS Real Estate?" After a short pause, Lily tried to recall the name and found that she had no impression of it. "Isn't it normal for a company to go bankrupt? Why are you so surprised?"

Shaking her head, Hua Yue said, "but the problem is that this company was running well before and suddenly closed down. Don't you think it's strange? I heard from the outside that our boss seemed to have offended the president of Qin Group. "

Isn't the president of the Qin Group Kevin?

Feeling something was wrong, Lily turned on the computer and searched the news online. She found that the owner of the ZS Real Estate looked very similar to the middle-aged man who wanted to hurt her last night.

It turned out to be closed down for this reason.

There were mixed feelings in Lily's heart, but what Kevin did made her warm in her heart and feel that she was protected.

However, she had made up her mind not to be with him anymore. Hadn't she had enough of the pain a year ago?

Lily was annoyed and didn't know how to deal with the relationship.

"Ms. Wen?" Noticing that her face darkened, Hua Yue asked tentatively, "are you not feeling well?"

"I'm fine." When she came to her senses, Lily took a deep breath and said, "you can go out now. Inform me as soon as Mr. Tyron comes."

"Okay." Hua Yue nodded and turned around to leave.

After that, Lily focused on her work.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, Tyron and his assistant arrived on time. Lily and Hua Yue greeted them politely. After they entered the reception room, Lily handed the prepared documents to him.

She had thought that the reason why Tyron refused to cooperate with her again and again was that he felt that the Yao Group was not qualified to cooperate with him.

However, to her surprise, Tyron put

ntity of that Lydia."

The assistant nodded, "yes."

Tyron's eyes were like a bottomless pool of ice. There was a whirlpool in it, which made people feel sharp and dangerous. It was full of shrewdness and schemes.

Lydia's face appeared in his mind.

Although they looked different, he felt familiar with Lydia.

His feeling was right. They must have seen each other somewhere. But would the third daughter of the Ling Group be a killer or a spy carefully trained by the killer organization?

It was almost impossible.

But if the third daughter of the Ling Family was a fake, then everything would make sense.

In order to find out his enemies for many years, he came here and expanded his business in Z country. He came here to find out the man who had ruined his family.

He had hidden this deep hatred in his heart for so many years that he had never forgotten. Even in his sleep, he could dream of that hellish scene.

This hatred was deeply engraved in his bones and could not be erased. It kept reminding him why he had lived till now.

Under the seemingly calm appearance of the city, there might be a terrible storm that was about to break out.

No one knew who would be involved in this storm, but it was certain that the woman named Lily might...

A hint of coldness flashed across Tyron's eyes.

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