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   Chapter 256 Join Hands

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 5057

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After locking the door, Kevin put Lily on the bed. All his endurance and sanity burst at this moment. He bent down and kissed her hard on the lips.


Her expensive dress was torn into pieces by him and swept over, making her feel like she was in a steamer, hot and dry.

The sound in the room didn't stop for a long time.

Holding the bricks in the hall, Tyler looked upstairs from time to time and asked the butler in confusion, "uncle butler, what are dad and mom doing upstairs? Why don't they come downstairs to play with me? "

The butler smiled and said, "Dad and mom have work to do. When they finish their work, they will come down to accompany you soon."

"Okay," said Tyler in disappointment.

Unfortunately, his parents didn't come out of his room until ten o'clock. Tyler was so sleepy that he had to be taken upstairs by the nanny to his room to rest.

Not long after, Kevin came out of the room. He was wearing a bathrobe, and there were red marks on his exposed chest, which looked very ambiguous in the light.

His hair was still dripping with water. He dialed Baron's number and walked to the study.

"Check whose room it is in room 0233 of Maria Hotel tonight, and find out the information about that person and give it to me." Kevin's voice was cold and appalling.

Baron, who was on the other end of the phone, felt a chill coming to his face and shivered. He quickly replied, "okay."

The middle-aged man who had been taught a lesson by Kevin in room 0233 dialed

t that the world was so unfair. Even a woman like Lois had such a family background, but she could only rely on herself. She could only rely on many different men to make a living.

"As long as you don't forget our common goal." Lydia patted her on the shoulder, smiled, turned around and left.

When Hana came out of the stairway, she saw the middle-aged man in front of her limping over with the help of his assistant. His face was swollen like a pig's head, blue and purple. His original ugly face had become even worse.

Hana looked at him with contempt in her heart. In order to avoid the middle-aged man's trouble, she hid herself at the stairway again. She didn't come out from the dark until they left.

It seemed that Kevin still cared about Lily very much. Lydia had no way to replace her, so she had to cooperate with her.

Although she came to Lydia first, she couldn't stand her arrogant attitude.

If it weren't for dealing with Lily, she would have taught this rich girl a lesson.

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