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   Chapter 255 Crisis

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"Miss, are you drunk? I can help you to have a rest in your room. " A waiter appeared beside Lily in time and helped her leave.

"Don't touch me..." Noticing that something was wrong with herself, Lily tried to push the waiter away, but her body was so soft that she couldn't move at all. She felt weakness.

The waiter easily led her to the room in the corridor.

Kevin was talking with the people beside him. He looked at the direction of Lily by accident and found that she was missing. His eyes darkened.

He shook off Lydia's hand and strode towards where Lily was, ignoring other people's surprised eyes.

"Kevin?" Lydia called him in surprise, but Kevin ignored her at all.

She looked in the direction of Hana, who smiled and made an OK gesture to her. Lydia sneered in her heart.

Kevin looked around but didn't see Lily. He asked a waiter with a gloomy face, "Where is the lady standing here just now?"

The waiter was startled by his malicious and fierce eyes. He pointed at the corridor timidly and said, "It seems that she is heading in that direction."

Kevin let go of him and strode towards the corridor.

The waiter held Lily who was unconscious and walked towards room 0233. Knowing that she had been set up, Lily tried her best to push the waiter away.

She gritted her teeth hard until a smell of blood spread in her mouth. The taste made her conscious, then she pushed the waiter away with all her strength.

"Don't touch me!"

She leaned against the wall and staggered out of the room.

A sneer flashed through the waiter's eyes. He quickly caught up with her and grabbed her again. "Miss, you are drunk. Let me take you to rest."

Regardless of her resistance, he quickly pulled Lily to the door of room 0233, opened the door and took her in.

"Who are you? Let go of me! " Lily roared in a

hand and threatened coldly, "don't let me see you again, or I'll cut off your hand!"

The middle-aged man's face turned pale with fear, and he trembled all over. He quickly shook his head and begged, "I dare not! I dare not!"

With malicious eyes, Kevin pushed him away, turned around and strode to Lily. He took off her suit jacket and put it on her. Then he picked her up and strode away.

In a daze, Lily felt a familiar breath, which made her feel relieved. She twisted unconsciously in Kevin's arms and murmured, "Kevin... Is that you? "

"It's me. Don't be afraid. I'll take you home now." Kevin comforted her in a low voice and quickened his pace.

"I'm so hot It's so hot... " With a groan, she rubbed her head against his chest. The cold air from him made her feel comfortable.

Kevin smiled bitterly. He couldn't stand it anymore.

He quickly put her in the back seat and got on the car. He started the car and stepped on the accelerator. The car flew out like a rocket, speeding on the road at an incredible speed.

He rushed home as fast as he could and walked into the villa with Lily in his arms. After telling the housekeeper not to let anyone go upstairs, he went upstairs with her in his arms.

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