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   Chapter 254 Being Jealous

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It was not a waste to be the female companion of Tyron. He introduced many industry leaders to her, and maybe she would have a chance to cooperate with them in the future.

But unfortunately, she couldn't say anything most of the time. She could only smile apologetically and maintained a hypocritical smile. Her face was a little stiff.

Lily couldn't drink much wine. After drinking two glasses of wine, her face flushed, looking more charming and lovely.

Suddenly, there was a noise at the entrance of the party. Lily looked up and saw Kevin and Lydia walking into the party together.

Kevin was wearing a black handmade suit, which was well tailored, making him more tall and straight. His angular face, cold expression and a trace of abstinent temperament made people unable to move their eyes. They was deeply attracted by him.

Beside him, Lydia was wearing a dress of the same color, smiling sweetly and holding his arm intimately.

The two stood together, a perfect match.

Many people knew that Lydia was Kevin's fiancée, and the debutantes and ladies were envious of her.

Staring at them, Lily suddenly felt a little stuffy in her chest and an indescribable pain.

At this time, Lydia suddenly looked at her. She raised the corners of her mouth and showed off to Lily with a triumphant smile.

Lily's hand holding the glass tightened and looked away.

Kevin was not in the mood to pay attention to Lydia. He looked around the hall for the figure of Lily. When he found her, he immediately pulled away Lydia's hand and strode towards her.

"Mr. Tyron, long time no see." Kevin took a glass of wine from the waiter's tray and walked up to Tyron. "When did you come here? Why didn't you inform me?"

As he spoke, his eyes fell on Lily, and then his eyes gradually darkened.

Lily avoided his gaze and then realized why she avoided his gaze?

She raised her head and glanced at Kevin coldly.

Lydia also came over and said with a smile, "Mr. Tyron i

. She just glanced at her and quickly moved away.

Hana understood what she meant. She waved to a waiter and put a glass of juice on the tray. Then she pointed at Lily and said to him, "have you seen that lady? Send this drink to her."

The waiter nodded, "okay."

He walked up to Lily and handed her the drink on the tray. "Miss, here's a cup of juice for you."

In a daze, Lily took the juice and said, "thank you..."

"You're welcome." The waiter smiled and left.


Looking at the juice in her hand, Lily was confused. Who gave it to her? She looked in the direction of Kevin subconsciously, and happened to meet the eyes of Tyron.

It was Mr. Tyron.

Lily felt a little dizzy because she had drunk too much wine. A glass of juice could help her sober up, so she drank it up in one gulp.

The smile on Hana's face widened. She cursed her idiot in her heart disdainfully. After so many years, Lily's personality had not changed. She always believed in others easily.

With a wave of her hand, Hana called the waiter and put a stack of hundred dollar bills into his pocket. "The lady seemed to be drunk just now. You take her to room 0322 to have a rest."

The waiter nodded, "okay." Then he walked towards Lily.

After drinking the drink, Lily suddenly felt dizzier. Was she really drunk?

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