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   Chapter 251 I Don't Like You

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6466

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After staying in the hospital for only two days, Lily was discharged from the hospital.

The injury on her forehead was not very serious. Except for a slight concussion, she was fine.

Kevin was mighty. He took her directly to the villa, packed up her things and brought them back.

Lily was surprised that he had done these so quickly.

When Lily moved into the villa, Tyler was the happiest one.

As soon as he saw Lily, he rushed over excitedly and hugged her tightly. "Mom, will you live here from now on? Will you live with me in the future?"

Lily bowed her head and rubbed his head with a smile. "Yes, Mommy will live with you from now on. Are you happy?"

"Yes!" Tyler was so happy that his face turned red. His little body clung to her. "I want to sleep with mom every night!"

Hearing this, Lily bent down and held him in her arms. Her heart melted. She smiled softly and said, "Okay, mommy will sleep with you from now on."

Hearing this, Kevin looked unhappy and glanced at Tyler.

But Tyler was so immersed in the joy of his mother's moving back that he didn't even look at Kevin.

Kevin specially arranged a room for Lily in the master bedroom, where they used to live together, and he moved to the guest room.

That night, after taking a shower and changing his pajamas, Tyler jumped into Lily's bed and rolled back and forth excitedly.

Although she felt a little uncomfortable about Kevin giving her the master bedroom, she still lived here.

She hadn't been to the company for two days, and she was very uneasy. She had been worried about the company's situation, afraid of any trouble. After all, those people in the company were watching, hoping that something bad would happen to her.

She kept in touch with Hua Yue all the time. In the past two days, she had also called the assistant of Tyron, but he had been saying that he was very busy and had no time to see her.

Lily was a littl

a hypocritical woman."

Drew narrowed his eyes. He knew what kind of woman Lily was. Did Lydia say that on purpose to make him hate Lily?

"By the way, when you were studying abroad, you had a good relationship with Professor Ellis? My friend's sister also wants to go to the school you are studying in. Can you ask Professor Ellis to help her write a letter of recommendation?"

"Letter of recommendation?" Lydia was stunned and flustered. She pretended to be calm and said, "brother, I haven't contacted Professor Ellis for a long time. I heard that he seemed to have retired from school and traveled around the world, so I can't help her. I'm sorry."

Drew smiled and said, "well, it doesn't matter. I will refuse my friend. Have a good rest."

He turned around, left the room and closed the door with a cold light flashing in his eyes.

After returning to his room, he squinted dangerously.

This Lydia is really a fake. When did she start? After coming back from studying abroad?

How could she pretend so perfectly? It was really difficult for her. Where was his real sister? Was she dead?

Drew's face was extremely gloomy.

There was no professor Ellis at all. He just made it up. And she fell into such a small trap. It seemed that she was also not very smart.

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