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   Chapter 249 I Will Protect You

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6822

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"Hello, are you Mr. Kevin?" A strange female voice came through the phone.

"Yes, I am," replied Kevin in a low voice

"Is Lily your friend? She had a car accident and is receiving treatment in the hospital now. Can you come here?"

Kevin's face darkened and asked in a low voice, "which hospital?"

"Downtown hospital."

Hearing the news that Lily had a car accident, Kevin immediately rushed to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, he called the bodyguard he had sent to protect her secretly.

Why didn't anyone report the accident to him?

But strangely, the bodyguard didn't answer the phone.

Kevin's eyes suddenly turned malicious. If the bodyguards didn't answer his call, it meant that something might have happened to them. Who was so bold to hurt his bodyguards?

But now, regardless of the bodyguards, Kevin's first task was to rush to the hospital and see how badly injured Lily was.

When Kevin arrived at the hospital, the nurse told him the room number of Lily. He soon found the ward. When he pushed the door open, he saw Lily leaning against the head of the bed and making a phone call.

Seeing Kevin, Lily was a little surprised, but she quickly recovered as usual. She whispered to the person on the other end of the phone, "I have something to deal with. I'll call you later."

Kevin strode in. Looking at her pale face and the bandage on her forehead, he frowned and asked, "what happened? Who did it?"

Lily was still dizzy. The doctor said she might have a slight concussion and asked her to rest in the hospital for two days.

"Sit down. I'll tell you in detail later."

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the ward was pushed open. Two traffic police came in, followed by the unhappy driver whose car was hit by Lily.

"Miss, we are the traffic police. We are here to deal with your traffic accident."

The driver was a middle-aged man. When he came here full of anger and wanted to scold Lily. When he entered the door, he looked fierce. But when he was glanced at by Kev

stay here for the whole night?"

Kevin looked at her with deep eyes, "I'm worried about you being alone in the hospital."

Lily felt a little bitter in her heart. Why did he treat her so well after doing so many things to hurt her?

Why did he influence her when she finally made up her mind?

"Are you hungry? I just ordered a take out. It won't take long."

As soon as Kevin finished speaking, there was a knock on the door. He went to open the door and saw the person who sent the takeout standing at the door, with a steaming takeout in his hand. "Hello, sir, your take out."

"Thank you." Kevin took the takeout and closed the door.

He ordered takeout from a five star hotel. Considering the physical condition of her, he ordered some light and nutritious food.

"Thank you." "I called you last night because I wanted to tell you something important. I didn't expect to meet an accident on the way," Lily said.

Kevin's eyes turned cold, "I've sent someone to investigate the two men who chased you."

Surprised, Lily asked, "you have already known?"

Kevin nodded, "you have an accident. How can I rest assured if I don't find out the truth? I've already reported it to the police. I believe the two men will be caught soon. "

After a moment's silence, she saw her bag not far away and said to Jean, "please bring my bag here."

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