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   Chapter 248 Car Accident

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"Anyway, thank you." Putting away the files package, Lily was about to leave when the private detective suddenly said to her, "by the way, I can't find the person named Duke you asked me to investigate."

"You can't find it out?" Lily frowned and looked at him, "you mean you can't find anything?"

"Maybe he is too powerful to erase all the traces, or maybe he doesn't exist at all, or maybe he has been hiding somewhere abroad, so I can't find him here. There are all kinds of possibilities."

Speaking of this, the private detective's face suddenly became serious. "But I have to remind you that if you can't find out, it means that this person's background is not simple. I advise you not to touch him."

"Thank you for your advice." Lily smiled at him and stood up. "I'll pay you by the card."

On their way back, Lily kept thinking whether Duke didn't exist or he was too powerful to be found out?

Why did Tyron suddenly ask her if she knew him? Did this person have something to do with her?

Lily couldn't figure it out.

After she went back, she opened the files package, took out a thick pile of documents and carefully checked them.

The private detective carefully investigated Oscar, including his parents, his birth, and the day he was in trouble.

This made Lily felt creepy.

In the modern era of information, was there really privacy? With the rapid development of the Internet, many people seemed to have known everything. Once they were deeply investigated, they would show their true identity and have nowhere to hide.

Oscar's parents died a long time ago. He grew up in an orphanage and was adopted by a man called Rey Zhao.

To her surprise, the man, Rey Zhao used to be the assistant of the last CEO of Qin Group, which was also the assistant of Kevin's father.

Later, Kevin's father and grandfather had a car accident on their way to business. After that, Rey Zhao was nowhere to be found.

Oscar was also left behind. He had been interrogated by the

ely bit her lips to wake herself up. She quickly backed the car and turned the steering wheel.

The two men found that she wanted to drive away, so they immediately turned around, got in the car and chased after her.

The blood flowed more and more, and some of them even infiltrated into her eyes, and her eyes became bright red.

The strength of her body was gradually drained, and her head became dizzy. Her vision became more and more blurred, and her body was weak.

But she was very clear in her mind. She knew that if she stopped the car at this time, she would definitely be caught, so she could only take a gamble and step hard on the gas.

The car finally returned to the place where the traffic jam was heavy. She gritted her teeth, stepped on the gas and hit one of the cars. Then she closed her eyes as if relieved and fell into darkness.

The car that was hit by Lily was very angry. The car has immediately stopped and the driver got off to see what with her.

The black car behind them also caught up, but because of the traffic accident in the busy street, the police had come over.

The two men in black suits cursed in their hearts and drove away quickly.

Kevin waited at the villa for more than an hour, but didn't see Lily. When he was about to call and ask, a strange number suddenly called in.

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