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   Chapter 246 Generation Gap

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6717

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Tonight was the happiest meal for Lily after she came back, and also the happiest day for her.

She once dreamed of such an ordinary and happy life, but the reality did not allow it.

After dinner, the servant cleaned the table. After Lily playing with Tyler for a while, Tyler fell asleep on the carpet.

Holding him upstairs, Lily put him on the bed and gently covered him with the quilt. Then she leaned over and kissed him on the forehead, turned around and left the room.

Standing outside the door, Kevin sighed and wondered why Tyler fell asleep at this time. He had completely forgotten his appointment with him.

Seeing that Kevin was standing at the door, Lily said to him, "Tyler is asleep. I'm going back."

Kevin wanted to ask her to stay, "you can stay tonight. If Tyler wakes up tomorrow and sees you, he will be very happy."

Hearing this, Lily turned around and looked at him coldly, "do you want to control me through Tyler now?"

Kevin didn't deny it, but he didn't admit it either. He just said, "Tyler is still young and he attaches to his mother very much."

"This question is a bottomless hole." How could she didn't know that Tyler was still young? She and Kevin refused to compromise, and the child was the one who was hurt in the end.

Lily felt both painful and tormented. If possible, she didn't want her baby to be hurt at all.

She also wanted him to have a complete family, to grow up happily, but the reality did not allow it.

She couldn't forget what she had suffered, nor could she choose to be with Kevin as if nothing had happened.

The cracks that had already appeared, no matter how they were pieced together, could not be as good as before, just like love.

"I'm very busy recently. I don't have much time to visit Tyler. I hope you can take good care of him." With red eyes, Lily left without looking back.

Kevin realized that he had hurt her much more than he had imagined.

On the way back home, Lily was very sad. Every time she reminded

head with a smile and said, "Miss Wen, we don't talk about business today. We just have a meal and chat like friends."

Surprised, Lily took the document back with some embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I was too anxious."

Tyron smiled. "I can understand that you are a strong woman with a strong sense of responsibility. May I know your father's name?"

Under the dim light, Tyron's eyes became more and more gloomy. There was a certain meaning in his deep eyes, which was somewhat incomprehensible to Lily.

She looked at Tyron for a while and asked in confusion, "is there any necessary connection between this and our cooperation?"

Seeing that she seemed to be a little vigilant, Tyron smiled and said, "don't misunderstand me. I'm just curious about who can teach such an excellent daughter."

A joke eased the tension. With a faint smile, Lily said, "my father is just an ordinary business man. He has passed away."

"I'm sorry." Feeling guilty for mentioning sad things for her, Tyron paused and asked, "may I ask you one more question? Do you know Duke Zhao?"

Lily looked at him in confusion. "Who is Duke Zhao? Is he also a jewelry merchant?"

Seeing that she didn't seem to be pretending, Tyron's eyes were somewhat meaningful. Then he concealed his smile and said, "it's one of my friends. I just asked casually."

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