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   Chapter 245 The Scene That Has Been Imagined Many Times

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The car drove into the courtyard of Kevin's villa. From a distance, Lily saw that Tyler was waiting for her at the door, holding the hand of the nanny.

How many times had she imagined this scene? She had imagined countless times that when she came back from the company, her child would wait for her at home.

Seeing such a scene, Lily had an impulse to cry.

As soon as the car stopped, Tyler let go of the nanny's hand and ran towards Lily. "Mommy!"

Afraid that he might fall down, Lily opened the door in a hurry and hugged him, blaming, "how could you run so fast? Do you know it's dangerous? Just wait for mommy at home, okay?"

Holding her neck, Tyler said obediently, "okay."

Kevin got out of the car with two big bags. When he saw the warm scene of Lily holding the child, his eyes softened and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Lily turned around to take a look at Kevin. When she saw that he was following her with two big bags and a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, her heart thumped two times.

She quickly looked away and walked into the room with Tyler in her arms. She smiled and said, "Mommy will cook for you today, okay?"

With a twinkle in his eyes, Tyler said happily, "really? Mom, are you going to cook for me? "

"Yes." Lily pinched his nose gently, "what do you want to eat? Tell mommy, and I'll cook for you. "

Tyler tilted his head and thought for a long time before he spit out a dish name, "fried rice with eggs?"

Lily raised her eyebrow, feeling unexpectedly, "do you want to eat fried rice with eggs? Why?" She had thought that a child at Tyler's age would like cakes and other desserts.

Although she was not so good at western style dessert, as long as Tyler wanted to eat, she would try her best to learn it.

"Can't I?" Tyler asked, blinking his eyes.

"Of course you can." Lily touched his head with a smile and said, "I'm just curious. Why do you want fried rice with eggs?"

"Because I saw in the cartoon, the first dish that mother bear cooked

ggs in front of Tyler's mouth.

Tyler opened his mouth and ate it. His eyes lit up. "Yummy!"

"Is it delicious?" Looking at his happy face, Lily was also happy. Her son liked the food she cooked, and no matter how tired she was, she felt really happy.

Seeing that the mother and the son had automatically ignored him, Kevin had to sit down helplessly. He picked up a bowl of soup and took a sip. The soup was sweet and delicious. It seemed that she was good at cooking.

Today, he was also grateful to Tyler, but he didn't know that Lily could cook before.

He stared at the back of Lily and wondered what she had learned in the year she left him?

"Well, before have the rice, you should have some soup first." Lily put down the fried rice with eggs and handed the soup to Tyler in a tough attitude.

Seeing this, Tyler had to obey, "okay. Mom, you cook so well. Can you cook for me every day in the future?"

Hearing this, Kevin couldn't help but give a thumbs up to Tyler in his heart. This little boy was quite cunning.

Surprised, Lily looked at his expectant expression and touched his head lovingly. "As long as I have time, I will cook for you every day, okay?"

"Okay, thank you, mom. I love you." Tyler said with a bright smile.

The smile melted Lily's heart. "I love you too." She smiled and kissed on his forehead.

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