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   Chapter 244 The Triangle Relationship

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The topic of love triangle suddenly became hot on the Internet. When Kevin saw a large number of articles about Lydia, he knew that this woman must have done something behind it.

She didn't seem to care about it before. But why she began to think highly of the identity as his fiancée now?

The marriage with Lydia was made by Fiona in private. He had never agreed and would never accept it in the future.

However, what Lydia had done had touched his bottom line.

After work, he was going to pick up Lily from the Yao Group. Although Lily said he didn't need to pick her up, he still had to go.

Not long after the car drove away, Kevin saw a black car following him from the rearview mirror, and a black camera was stuck out from time to time.

Are they addicted to taking photos secretly? He just let photos out on purpose today. Did they think he would indulge them all the time? Or did these reporters think he was easy to be bullied?

With a sneer, Kevin stepped on the gas and sped up, dialing the bodyguard's number.

"Help me get rid of the cars that followed me."

When the paparazzi saw his car suddenly speed up, they quickly followed it. Unexpectedly, at the next turn, a car suddenly rushed out and blocked their way.

The paparazzi quickly braked and was forced to stop the car.

Seeing that Kevin's car had gone farther and farther, the paparazzi pushed the door open and got off angrily, about to argue with the other party.

Unexpectedly, the one who got out of that car was the expressionless bodyguard in a black suit. His burly figure and the fist as big as a sandbag were likely to blow them away.

The paparazzi suddenly became timid and smiled. He stepped back and said, "brother, it's all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding..."

After saying that, he wanted to get in the car and run away, but the bodyguard rushed up and took his camera.

"Hey, what are you doing! Give the camera back to me, or I'll call the police!" Seeing the camera was taken away, th

nds in the future."

Lily didn't say anything. After a while, she asked, "what did you do to Hana?"

She hadn't seen her for a long time, but she still remembered the hurt she had brought to her.

She remembered that after Michael dumped Hana, she didn't seem to have a good time.

"I just messed up her biggest sugar daddy. Anyway, she has so many sugar daddy, there is no big problem to lose one for her." Kevin's voice turned cold.

If it weren't for the fact that Hana had been reduced to such a miserable situation, Kevin wouldn't have let her go so easily. She had already reaped what she had sown and had nothing to lose, so he gave her a chance to live.

"Is she in such a mess now?" Lily said in a low voice, feeling a little depressed and desolate.

She used to be a good friend of Hana, and she told her everything. Later, she was betrayed by Hana, and the two of them went their separate ways.

It was not a long time ago, but she had become like this. Things changed.

Since one of his legs was broken by Kevin, Michael had never appeared in front of him, but Cheng Family made some trouble from time to time.

The master of Cheng Family was extremely ambitious and wanted to replace the position of the Qin Family, but unfortunately, he was not a match for Kevin. He was frustrated by Kevin again and again.

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