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   Chapter 242 To Protect His Wife

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When she entered the hall of Qin Group, the receptionist recognized her. After all, she not only frequently appeared on the entertainment news page, but also had several gossips with the boss.

Oh, she had also heard that she is the ex-wife of the boss.

The receptionist dared not neglect her and immediately led her to the meeting room.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was a little nervous. The people of the Qin Group and the people of the Yao Group were sitting on both sides, and both sides had a long face.

When the manager of the sales department saw Lily, he stood up immediately and said in a relieved tone, "Ms. Wen, you're finally here."

"What's wrong?" Lily's calm eyes swept over the group of people from the Qin Group. "What happened?"

She remembered clearly that the cooperation with the Qin Group went smoothly at the beginning. There was no problem at all. Why did something go wrong all of a sudden?

The manager of the sales department looked very indignant. "We had a deal that we would pay them ten percent of the business tax. But today when we signed the contract, they suddenly said that they wanted us to pay thirty percent of the business tax. It's bullying!"

The other people of the sales department also looked angry.

Instead, the person in charge of the other party looked arrogant and said unhurriedly, "I'm sorry, Ms. Wen. This is the decision of our leader. We have no choice but to follow the arrangement."

Lily's face turned cold. "The decision of the leader? Who? Kevin?"

"Ms. Wen, please don't get your personal feelings into business just because you have a close relationship with Mr. Qin. I hope you can make a clear distinction between personal affection and business." The person in charge of the other party said sarcastically, with obvious contempt in his eyes. Obviously, he looked down upon Lily.

Lily was so angry that she sneered, "is this how your company does business? We agreed to pay ten percent of the business tax at that time, but now you demand an exorbitant price and ask for thirty percent. It's chang

o Mrs. Qin, so he had to say with grievance, "okay."

After the matter was settled, the two sides signed a cooperation contract on the spot.

Lily's face softened. She stood up and said to Kevin, "thank you." Then she was about to leave.

Kevin held her hand and asked, "would you like to have lunch with me?"

Thinking that he had helped her today, Lily didn't refuse.

Looking at the two leaving figures, Mr. Hua couldn't swallow his anger. He immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Mrs. Qin's number.

"director Qin, we've screwed it up. Lily called Mr. Qin, and he came in a hurry. He asked us to sign the contract with ten percent business tax on the spot."

Mrs. Qin didn't expect that things still went in this direction even though she had refused to answer Kevin's phone. She asked coldly, "didn't you tell him that it was my decision?"

Mr. Hua felt wronged and said, "I had told him, but he didn't listen."

"Forget it." Mrs. Qin said coldly. "I can't stop him from doing what he wants, let alone you." Then she hung up the phone.

Seeing that Mrs. Qin didn't look well, Lydia brought her a cup of coffee and said with a smile, "Auntie, have a taste of this coffee. I asked someone to bring it back from Brazil."

Mrs. Qin glanced at her casually and took the coffee. A mellow fragrance came to her face. Just smelling it, she knew it was a treasure.

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