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   Chapter 241 The Identity Of Walter

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Speaking of the skin transplant surgery, Walter touched his face subconsciously.

His face was seriously injured. Even if the wound healed now, there were still crisscrossed scars on it. They were extremely ferocious and frightening.

Every time he looked at himself in the mirror, he would see himself ugly, so he became more silent and self-abased, wearing a mask all the time.

Lily understood his feelings, so she never asked him to take off his mask, nor did she mention the matter of his face in front of him.

Seeing that Walter touched his face, she couldn't help comforting, "the scar is only temporary. You can go to the doctor today to discuss. He said that you can only have the skin planted, but he doesn't know how you are recovering now. You can discuss with him and see if there is a way to remove the scar."

"Thank you." Walter was very grateful to her.

"You're welcome." With a smile, Lily lowered her head and ate a piece of bacon. She praised, "you're a good cook. You can even compete with the five star chefs outside."

Walter's eyes suddenly lit up, as if he was happy to find something he could do. "If you don't mind, let me be responsible for cooking in the future, okay?"

"Is that okay? Will it bother you too much?" Now it was her turn to feel a little embarrassed.

"It's not troublesome. I like cooking, too." Walter looked at her gently, "besides, I owe you too much. I can only give it back to you slowly. You can take the money you gave me as a loan and I will pay you back slowly in the future."

He thought it was good enough to be saved by Lily, a person he met by chance, and she even pay for his treatment, which made him feel apologetic.

"No, you don't have to. It's too polite of you to say that, and..."

"Let me pay it back, or I will feel guilty." Walter interrupted her with a smile. Although his words were not strong, he looked very serious.

Lily gave in and compromised, "well, there's no hurry to pay back the money. You just don't have to force yourself."

"Okay." W

de Lily's heart melt.

Lily immediately picked up her phone and said, "Mom will come to see you after work today, okay?"

After sending the voice message, she got a reply soon.

"Okay! Mom, remember to come and see me. " A sweet voice.

"I will remember that. I love you, baby."

"I love you too, mom."

These several simple voice messages made Lily feel much happier, and then she felt full of energy for her work.

At this time, Hua Yue knocked on the door and came in, she said to Lily, "Ms. Wen, the manager of the business department just called and said that the cooperation between us and the Qin Group was not going well. Could you to go there in person?"

"What happened?" Lily furrowed her eyebrows. Her words were euphemistic. She had asked her to go there in person. It seemed that the negotiation was not going well.

Shaking her head, Hua Yue said, "he didn't say anything on the phone. Judging from his tone, he seems to be very angry."

Their company attached great importance to the cooperation with the Qin Group. After all, if they wanted to do well in e-commerce, they had to rely on the Qin Group.

"I see. I'll be right there." Lily stood up immediately. She couldn't delay it.

She drove to the Qin Group and stood at the gate. When she looked up at the trademark of the Qin Group, she felt it looked very dazzling.

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